Rush Limbaugh Delivers “Atta-boy” to Seth MacFarlane

Never in three trillion years would I have predicted that Rush Limbaugh and Seth MacFarlane would ever be on the same page on anything. But apparently, they’re friends. Limbaugh has done some voice work for MacFarlane’s show Family Guy. And in the midst of professional connections, they became pals. According to Limbaugh:

When [MacFarlane] did the Academy Awards this past year, he was getting all kinds of grief, and I sent him a couple of notes, a couple of “atta-boy” notes. He wrote right back. I got a note from him while they were going on. I sent him a quick text during the Academy Awards and during a commercial break he got back to me. I haven’t spoken to him since, but every time I have been around Seth McFarlane, entirely professional and much more than that.

What was MacFarlane getting grief for? For not being politically correct. But he rarely is, so what do you expect? It wasn’t until this year’s Oscars that MacFarlane started to see what Limbaugh had been talking about all along. When Twelve Years a Slave won Best Picture, as predicted by Limbaugh, Michelle Obama was on-screen to help deliver the award. This was just too much.

It couldn’t get any more Orwellian than that. Everyone knew the movie was going to win. But they couldn’t resist having the first black First Lady deliver the award, almost like the movie itself had banished racial inequality.

Whether or not it was the best movie, Hollywood was basically required to give it the award. Rush Limbaugh came under heavy fire for his comments about it on his show:

If it was the only thing that movie won, it was gonna win best picture. There was no way. It didn’t matter if it was good or bad. I haven’t seen it. It was going to win. It had the magic word in the title. Slave.

Bill Maher, who had MacFarlane on his show to talk about Twelve Years a Slave and the Oscars, said that he agreed with Limbaugh on this one. He had even tweeted similar things, including the much more inflammatory:

Jus sayin—if a guy ran in right before best picture and said ‘wait, i gotta movie about a retarded guy in the holocaust…’

Wow. If anyone else had written that … Limbaugh says that MacFarlane is coming around to his view of the media. According to Limbaugh, MacFarlane said, “You know what? I kind of understand how you conservatives feel about the media now.” Which is good. Comedy needs to be out of the control of the ruling elite. Comedians, all the way back to the court jester, have always been sources of honest political critique. It’s time we get our comedians back from the doldrums of fart jokes and making fun of long-haired Jesus.