Rubio Risks All on Immigration Reform

The problem for conservative Republicans who desperately want to see some kind of immigration reform is knowing that the status quo is just not sustainable. This knowledge puts conservatives looking to reform immigration on the defensive, they want to support something but are worried of giving up too much to get too little. This rock and a hard place scenario opened the door for a new Gang of Eight compromise… that looks like fool’s gold.

The biggest supporters of the soon to be voted on bill are all Democrats… and a couple of Republicans named Graham and McCain. For most conservatives these names have become anathema over recent years for their continual RINOness. ((RINOness may not actually be a word…))

In fact, the only names truly supporting this legislation that seem reasonably trustworthy for a conservative voter are Rubio and Flake. Flake has lost some credibility lately though with his softening on conservative principle, which come as his poll numbers have dropped in his home state of Arizona.

So for anyone who has been paying attention in recent years, the immigration bill already has a pretty flawed beginning. There is just no way to trust something put together by this group of Republicans, especially when the Democrats also seem on board.

The big hold has been that the bill offers amnesty before securing the borders–something that Marco Rubio sounded Pelosiesque on when confronted about it by Sean Hannity.

Senator Rand Paul tried to step in and help to make this bill something that conservatives could support by writing a bill that he called “Trust but Verify”.

The Democrats (with these Republicans in support) unified to defeat that measure. Leaving this bill a hard pill to swallow for folks who’d like to make sure that the border gets secured as we deal with the immigration issue.Napolitano_Shotgun

To make matters far worse for those who are finding it hard to warm up to the bill, has uncovered that the bill allows the Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano to opt not to build the fence!

The border fence, while not perfect, is one of the key provisions to trying to secure the border. It also happens to be one of the least favorite aspects of the immigration conversation for Democrats, and it just so happens the one person who can shut it down… is a Democrat.

I just don’t see how Rubio and Flake will be able to come away clean from this mess.