EDITED/RETRACTED: Roman Catholic Church Loses Two Fetuses; Gets Case Dismissed

I owe the Roman Catholic Church leadership an Apology (1/28/2013)

Over the weekend, I wrote an article that wrongly blamed the Roman Catholic Church leadership for something that was not in their control. In my article I was extremely critical of the Roman Catholic Church leadership for allowing a “not human” defense to be used to avoid a medical malpractice suit brought in Colorado against Catholic Health Initiatives, a hospital network that is not run by the Roman Catholic Church.

Catholic Health Initiatives is not owned and operated by the Roman Catholic Church and according to their website does not have any members of the clergy on their Board of Trustees. Therefore I was acting in an uninformed manner when I accused the Roman Catholic Church of turning its back on its doctrine and the “Pro-Life” movement. For that I apologize to those I unfairly criticized and I would also like to apologize to anyone I offended by my poorly researched allegation.

I am not anti-Catholic. I am anti-church hypocrisy. In this case I acted emotionally and for that I deserve you’re criticism. There are no excuses and no rationalizations. I was wrong.

Catholic Health Initiatives is owned and operated by people of Catholic and other faiths. It is not a Hospital network affiliated directly with the Roman Catholic Church. It is simply a network of hospitals run in part by some people of the Catholic faith who have chosen to use the term “Catholic” in their name. It is unfair to assume that this group is anymore Catholic than I.

Again please accept my apology and my retraction with the sincerity with which it is given. I failed to perform my research as I should and I faulted the innocent for an act that they were not guilty. Please do not hold my mistake against the other authors on this site. They are good people trying to provide accurate information mixed with opinion to those who will listen.

John DeMayo

When it comes to walking the walk, as they say, the Roman Catholic Church’s leadership has a history of conveniently ignoring church doctrine when it serves its greater financial purposes. Apparently, Catholic Hospitals no longer believe that a fetus is a person or that life begins at conception. Well at least that’s the defense that was successfully used by Church Attorney’s to have a Colorado fathers wrongful death suit recently dismissed against a Roman Catholic Hospital. St. Thomas More Hospital, part of the Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) Hospital Network, recently secured a dismissal of a wrong full death case filed by a widowed and childless man, Jeremy Stodghill.

During the seventh month of her pregnancy, Laurie Stodghill, wife of Jeremy, sought medical treatment at St. Thomas More Hospital in Colorado. It was a News Years Day and she arrived at the hospital vomiting and complaining of shortness of breath. Within an hour, the expectant mother was dead, having suffered a massive heart attack. It was tragic.

Nothing worked in the Stodghill’s favor. To begin, Laurie was extremely overweight (400 lbs.). She was killed by a pulmonary embolism—a blood clot that traveled from her leg to her lungs—which is not an uncommon risk for the obese and pregnant. Somehow, Laurie’s obstetrician—who was supposed to be rushing to the hospital to meet the couple— never, arrived at the hospital. Doctors on the scene tried, but failed to revive the expectant mother of twins. Unable to detect any fetal heartbeats, the hospital staff declined a per mortem Cesarean section and both twin boys where left to die in their mother’s womb.

In 2008, Jeremy Stodghill filed a lawsuit against the hospital, Laurie’s OB/GYN, and the ER doctor from St. Thomas More Hospital for the wrongful death of his wife and twin boys. He believes the doctors should have done the C-section. He believes that it would have saved his boys and perhaps even his wife. The hospital and the organization that operates it, Catholic Health Initiatives, argued that nothing could have been done to save Mr. Stodghill’s wife and claimed that since a fetus is not a baby, no wrongful death could have occurred in the case and it should be dismissed by the court.

This was the argument Catholic Health initiatives used to successfully have Jeremy Stodghill’s case dismissed not once, but twice. “A fetus is not a baby” may win you favorable civil court rulings, but that outrageous claim clearly flies in the face of Roman Catholic Church teaching, does it not? Roman Catholic Church hierarchy regularly lectures its American parishioners, the U.S. Government and Americans in general on our moral imperatives regarding entitlements, abortion, illegal immigrants—and recently—the Pope lent his unsolicited support for proposed gun control legislation in America. Really? Who asked you? You are not a tax payer, your just an old German Priest who lives in a basilica in Italy.

I understand the concept of spiritual leadership, but just who in the heck do these people think they are? A fetus is not a person? Two 28 week/7 month old brothers holding each other in their mother’s womb are not people? Clearly the Roman Catholic Church has an integrity deficiency.

Why else would they tolerate pedophile priests and 40 years of liberal pro-abortion Catholics and gays participation in Church sacraments? Money that’s why! Catholic Health Initiatives willful and convenient election to disregard the sanctity of life at conception just to save them from financial responsibility for their doctors implied negligence, confirms everything I have ever believed about the Roman Catholic Church. They are an abject disgrace.

I, for one, am fed up with Pope Benedict XVI, his Cardinals and his Bishops sticking their hypocritical noses into United States business whenever it suits the needs of their collection baskets or their pompous morality; then running like thieves when the real work comes. I suspect the Church would be less inclined to support comprehensive immigration amnesty if they were the ones feeding, clothing, educating and healing the illegal immigrants—and the babies they are popping out—that the Pope and Bishops want sitting in their American pews on Sundays?

If the Roman Catholic Church is willing to throw two innocent un-baptized babies and the entire right to life movement under the bus just to avoid a trial what’s next? Yesterday was the day of the pro-life “March for Life” in Washington DC. Pope Benedict XVI tweeted out support for the march early Friday morning:

“I join all those marching for life from a far, and pray that political leaders will protect the unborn and promote a culture of life.”

Unless of course an employee of the Catholic Church is the one that caused the unborn child’s death, than it’s, promote a culture of “fetuses” instead. Next time they pass the collection basket, you Catholics out there might want to consider leaving it light. Sounds to me like your leaders are letting you and the unborn down again. Remember money talks.

Jeremy Stodghill plans to take his case all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. Find a way to show him your support.