Roe V Wade: The Top Arguments For Abortion Dissected & Dismantled

As a staunchly Conservative person, I have opinions about every issue—from war to assisted suicide; from stem-cell research to gay marriage. But above all else, the issue that hits me hardest; the issue that cuts me to my heart, is the issue of abortion. I have gotten in numerous debates regarding abortion over my years in college, and the inevitable response I receive from my Liberal colleagues is this: You can’t have an opinion on abortion; you aren’t a woman. This is usually followed by indignant rage of some sort about my audacity at even bringing up such an issue that I couldn’t possibly understand.

My response in situations like that is this: I don’t have to cut off my own hand to know it’s a bad idea. From there, the situation devolves into platitudes about women’s rights, and Constitutional infringements, and so on. So, on this, the 40th anniversary of Roe V Wade, since when approximately 55,000,000 infants have been terminated, I would like to go over some of the most popular pro-choice arguments–if you can call them that–then tear them apart.

1. “It is my body, and my choice.” This is an extremely common phrase uttered mindlessly by pro-choicers whenever a pro-life advocate asks them any, moderately intellectual question about why they believe what they believe. This is the easiest to break down. This argument avoids any further questioning by positioning itself in the realm of women’s rights, rather than the rights of the unborn. While your body is the house, there is still another, separate body living inside that house. It is a separate being, apart from you. Whether or not you believe abortion is acceptable, this argument fails at its origin. It’s a redirection, not an answer.

2. “What about rape, incest, and life of the mother?” This is, I would say, the second most common response to pro-life advocates. The media and pro-choice groups act as if these three factors represent the majority of abortion cases. However, when you actually take one second to look at the statistics, you can see that this argument is patently false, and yet another misdirection. The statistics show that only about 5%-6% of abortions are a result of “rape, incest or life of the mother.” Most of that percentage is “life of the mother.” So, conversely, the other 94% of abortions are elective. This argument is void.

3. “How can I give up a baby to the foster care system, when it is already overpopulated and in awful condition?” This argument moves into the territory of playing God. With this argument, you are saying that you have ultimate say in how a life should be lived. You are saying that it is you who is the arbiter of what makes a life; a suitable life, for someone else. It is not your decision to make whether or not your baby’s life is worth living. There are thousands of prospective parents who would love to adopt a child.

4. “It’s not a life until it can sustain itself outside the mother.” This is a very popular argument in the pro-choice world. This argument falls flat on its face very quickly. First, who is it that decided that? What is it about dependency that makes the infant invalid? Second, there are plenty of people in our society who cannot function or live at all without care from others: the mentally challenged, the elderly, the sick or infirm. So, if that is the argument; that dependency means ineligibility from life, why are we not executing the mentally challenged and the elderly, the sick and infirm? Because the argument is absurd, and stands on clay feet.

5. Lastly, the slippery slope argument works well against pro-choicers, specifically those who are advocates of partial-birth abortion (like Barbara Boxer and several other Democrats). If one can terminate an infant at 4 weeks, why not 6 weeks? If at 8 months, why not 9? If at partial-birth, why not just after birth? And if after birth, why not any time after that? If it is a dependency issue; your babies are just as dependent as an infant in the uterus. Without you, they would die. So, where does the “right” to terminate truly end?

Those are just some of the most common arguments slung from the pro-choicers on the Left; though I’m sure there are many others as well. My point is this: the pro-choice advocates are often the loudest. They believe that their volume will win them arguments. If that fails, they resort to fake outrage and becoming indignant. Whenever a pro-choicer gets indignant with you, and fakes outrage, stay calm, and systematically deconstruct their flimsy arguments. Don’t let them shout you down. 55,000,000 infants have been slaughtered in the last 40 years; think about them.