Rising Disability Not Just A Democrat Problem

Generally speaking, any real problems that occur on a national level can be traced back to Liberal ideology. Just as that is true, I’m generally quick to jump right on the Liberal ideology bash-wagon. This is not without good reason, of course; but sometimes, the problem transcends simple definitions of Democrat and Republican. As we have seen time and time again, just because the letter R follows a name, it doesn’t mean that a Conservative heart follows as well.

According to CBS News, the number of Americans on disability grew by an astonishing 1.38 million during President Obama’s first term. Immediately upon reading that statistic, I jumped right back on the bash-wagon. Of course the numbers rose; with Barack Obama in office! But the story doesn’t end there.

The article later goes on to mention that during President George W. Bush’s tenure, the number of Americans on disability rose by 1.14 million during his first term; and again by 1.2 million in his second term.

After reading these numbers, I was momentarily perplexed; then I came to my senses and saw the real issue at hand: Liberal ideology. Even disguised behind the letter R, the root cause of the problem is still Liberal thinking.

I liked about 30% of Bush’s politics; but the rest? Not so much. George Bush, for all his good intentions, was certainly not a true Conservative. In addition to his “compassionate” beliefs on illegal immigration, he spent taxpayer cash like it was Monopoly money. Tucked away within his Republican brain, there was a malignant Liberal mindset.

This attitude of overspending–and the corruption it breeds–is not isolated to Capitol Hill. Just as children mimic their parents, so do Americans follow the lead of their politicians. Through their unwillingness to cut back, Democrats and Republicans have created a country of people willing to throw responsibility to the wind, and let the government pick up the tab.

I’m not saying that there aren’t legitimate disability cases, but the sheer volume of new recipients leads me to believe that many of those on disability do not need to be. This is not simply a Democrat problem; it is a problem based in Liberal ideology. Unfortunately, this ideology is insidious; not only taking root in Democrats, but residing in many so-called Conservative politicians as well.

All of this is to say that just because a politician has the word “Republican” following their name, it doesn’t mean they actually are. The Republican Party is divided into factions, which makes it all the more crucial that we invest significant time and thought into vetting proper Presidential and Congressional candidates. If we fail to do this, we will lose again and again, further developing a needy, lazy culture.