The Rise Of Liberal Parents Raising Undisciplined Brats

The Baby Boomers were at one point the worst specimens of human beings. This was entirely the fault of their parents.

Their fathers fought in World War II, came back home, and bedded their wives seemingly all on the same night. The offspring that “boomed” as a result were spoiled beyond belief because their parents, who grew up in the Great Depression, wanted to give their kids a life that they were unable to have.

Those kids reached their 20s and proceeded to wreak havoc on society, demanding other people give them whatever they wanted because they were used to getting whatever they wanted. The country was their trash bin and they turned it into a landfill.

Of course now those same degenerates run America’s institutions, from the newsroom to the classroom.

And I haven’t quite figured out why yet, but the current generation of people in their mid-20s to mid-30s are spoiling their kids even more so than the WWII vets did. This doesn’t bode well for the year 2030 and thereabouts.

I just read an article from England about a phenomenon I’ve noticed here in America as well: parents suck these days! The author of the article summarizes it thusly: “A baby, it seems, has become the ace that parents believe entitles them to trump everyone else’s cards—barging through life in single-minded pursuit of their offspring’s interests; quite unimpeded by those of anyone else.”

How many of you have experienced parents like this, especially mothers?

My most recent experience came just last weekend, when a mother in her early- or mid-30s was here in my bookstore with two young boys about ages 4 and 5.

The two boys were running up and down the aisle of this 100-year-old building, with antique books (and valuable antique miscellany) on the shelves, clopping around on the 100-year-old wood floors while screaming “Whoooooo!”

This isn’t a very rare occurrence here, but on those occasions when kids get out of control, their parents are quick to tell the kids firmly to stop running and to keep it down, “It’s a bookstore.”

Ten minutes had gone by this time, however, and the mother still had not admonished her kids. Worse, she even encouraged it. She kept jumping out from behind bookcases as they ran by, shouting “Boo!” at them or “Found you!”

I don’t like confrontation, but ten minutes of this was enough. I very calmly and casually turned my head from where I sat at the computer chair behind the front counter and said over my shoulder, “Hey, could you guys keep it down please?” And I went immediately back to my business on the computer.

My coworker, though, informed me that the mom heard me and gave me a dirty look. Okay, well at least she acknowledged me. So surely she’ll tell her kids to calm down now, right?

No, not today’s liberal parents. This woman’s children were special snowflakes and it was just too adorable what they were doing.

Five minutes later, after more running and screaming and the mom encouraging it, I got up and said to the kids in a non-intimidating way, “Hey, could you guys stop running around, please?”

The mother whipped around and gave me a Medusa stare.

“Oh,” she said, “that’s…strange. Um, can I ask why?” What did she mean, “why?” Why does she think?

“Because it’s a store,” I said.

A little back-and-forth occurred between us before she finally (thankfully!) said, “Well how about we just leave, then, and we won’t buy anything, hmm?”

“That’s good,” I said, “that’s actually what I would like you to do, so please do that.”

She rounded up her kids and announced to them, “We’re being evicted. We’re not welcome here.” Once they left, two older gentlemen who were in the store came to me and thanked me for speaking up.

Read the DailyMail article I mentioned above to learn more about these horrible people with “special” brats.

And to the citizens of 2030, when these undisciplined twerps are running the show—God be with you.