Right Or Left: Who Are The Extremists?

One of the more frequent insults the Left likes to use against conservatives is to call them extremists.

Conservatives are extreme, they’re radical, they’re fanatics, they’re on the fringes of society, they’re terrorists (which implies at least some level of violence), they refuse to compromise.

These aren’t observations that the Left makes, but that doesn’t stop them from repeating these falsehoods over and over. It has become a meme now among the politically aware: conservatives are uncompromising radicals.

Well, I went to Thesaurus.com and looked up the word “radical,” and here’s what I found (the red was professionally applied by me in a 2-hour Microsoft Paint session):


I don’t see “conservative” or “rightist” on there anywhere.

I also looked up the antonyms for “radical” (for those of you who went to government schools, “antonym” means opposite).


Well that’s interesting. So not only are leftists closely associated with violence and fanaticism and extremism and a lack of compromise, but their opposites, such as conservatives and moderates, are peaceful people.

I looked up synonyms for “conservative.”

Along with “not extreme” (not seen in screenshot; I had to cut off a lot of words) there’s this:


Conservatives are by definition not extreme. They call for moderation and temperance and veering away from any extreme or drastic changes.

Liberals, by definition, are extreme. They necessarily want to stretch the definitions of “normal,” of “good,” of “moral,” of just about everything that’s already been established. They go to extremes by definition and scoff at time-tested traditions.

I am not a conservative because conservatives are not radical. They should be radical, but in the opposite direction of the left. But conservatives are not radical, which is why they call themselves conservative. They want moderation. They refuse to think in extreme terms; it goes against their ideology.

If you put a conservative amount of toothpaste on your toothbrush, it means you put on only a little bit. If you put on an extreme amount, it means you put on a lot. “Conservative” and “extreme” are opposites.

Lesson: A “conservative extremist” is an oxymoron.