RFK, Jr. Won’t Give up his Car or Cell Phone for Global Warming; Everyone Else Should Though

You can find out just how much people, like RFK, Jr., actually believe something by looking at their personal habits and comparing them to what their mouths proclaim. Oftentimes, those with the biggest mouth lead lives that are diametrically opposed to what they claim they believe. There’s a word for that. I think it’s “hypocrite.” It actually comes from the Greek word that means “actor.” These people are in essence pretending. They’re playing a part.

Those who gathered at a global warming march in New York over the weekend are a good example. Especially the celebrities and politicians in attendance. You find out pretty quickly how little they actually care about the things they claim are of dire importance. They believe (or they say they believe) that humans are causing the globe to heat up at such unprecedented rates that we may not be here on the planet much longer. The world is literally going to end, unless we do something about it. I think Obama said recently our generation today is the first generation to feel the effects of global warming, but that it’s also the last generation that can do something about it.

What you always here from motivational speakers is that “it starts with me.” In other words, top-down approaches aren’t nearly as effective as bottom-up approaches. So, if you see a systemic problem somewhere, you be the first to change and then encourage others to do the same. Lead by example.

This global warming issue must not be that kind of problem, because what you find is that those “leading the cause” believe themselves to be exempt or something. It makes no sense. If you actually believe that SUVs, passenger jets, coal plants, the oil companies, etc. are destroying this world to the point of human extinction, you would think that those “blowing the whistle” would stop using all those products they claim are making us go extinct, which also conveniently make their life a whole lot easier. But they continue to drive SUVs, fly in their private jets, use coal-generated electricity, as if nothing is going to happen. They do it in plain sight for the whole world to see, and all their followers willingly give them a pass. Listen to what RFK, Jr. tells PJTV’s Michelle Fields:

This is like if there was an announcement from the FDA, or the USDA, or the CDC that all produce foods in the U.S. have been contaminated with E. coli, leaving only junk food for Americans to eat. Officials with those departments would declare that they’ve tested enough samples to prove scientifically that everything is contaminated, and that all produce is now illegal to sell or possess for safety reasons. They’d have their tests and computer models readily available to the public, and by a show of hands demonstrate that most of their scientific team believe that it’s a real, manmade disaster in the making. They’d ridicule anyone who questions their methodology, which would be backed by scientific consensus.

But then video footage and photos would start to emerge showing celebrities and politicians gorging themselves on the finest organic U.S.-grown fruits and vegetables. People would start questioning them, asking something like, “Don’t you know that’s illegal?” or “Aren’t you afraid that you’ll get an E. coli infection?” What’s more likely, that all these politicians and celebrities are playing Russian roulette with contaminated produce, or that the whole thing was a lie so that they could have all the fresh produce to themselves while making big bucks from the junk food lobby?