“Republicans Are Racists!” And Other Fun Slogans!

“Affirmation pure and simple, kept free of all reasoning and all proof, is one of the surest means of making an idea enter the mind of crowds. The conciser an affirmation is, the more destitute of every appearance of proof and demonstration, the more weight it carries.” – Gustave Le Bon

Republicans are racists! Republicans are xenophobic! Republicans are bullies! Republicans don’t care! These phrases have become a popular way for the Left to define, and therefore limit conservatives. By reducing conservatives, one reduces conservatism, because if the proponents of a particular set of values are universally reviled, their beliefs must be rotten as well.

In order to define conservatives in a negative way, the American Left has resorted to a simple formula: slogans, imagery, and repetition. In the book The Crowd: Study of The Popular Mind, Gustav Le Bon discusses how crowds are manipulated. Ann Coulter wrote her book Demonic after having read Le Bon’s work. As Coulter wrote in her book, liberal behavior is very similar to that of mobs. They respond to simple slogans, and imagery, with little evidence to back up what is being said.

Surely the most frequent example of this behavior is in the Left’s constant accusations that Republicans are racists. According to Yahoo News:

“Democratic candidate for governor Brett Hulsey plans to hand out white Ku Klux Klan-style hoods to Wisconsin Republicans as they gather for their annual convention Friday to highlight what he says are their racist policies.”

This Democrat candidate has no evidence which would suggest Republicans are racists, but he persists in his behavior. Why? He needs to manipulate with slogans, and images, because without them, he has no means of victory.

Democrats have lost the facts war on all fronts. They push an agenda which is not simply flawed, but entirely discredited—that is, if one lives in reality. They need slogans, and imagery to sustain their ideology. Slogans and imagery are the life-blood of liberalism.

Science shows that life begins at conception, so the Democrats resort to calling pro-lifers “anti-woman.” The “war on women” is a slogan that was invented to gloss over the details of the abortion fight. It distracts, and manipulates. Republicans don’t like Obama’s radical policy, so the Democrats call them racists. They say it over and over again until people begin to believe it. There is no factual basis in what is being said, but it is simple enough to take hold of the mob.

Average liberals have become hypnotized by the lies of the elites. They will repeat these lies any time they feel threatened. But because we know the slogans, and we’ve seen the imagery, we have the tools the break through the fog. If a liberal tells you that Republicans are racists, ask them to give you examples, ask them for evidence. If they claim that the pro-life stance is part of the “war on women,” ask them to explain why. Details break the trance of slogans.

Details are the enemy of vague slogans, and appealing imagery. A false narrative cannot be sustained when it must be explained in detail, with examples, and evidence. Like a house built with poor materials, a belief based on a slogan will collapse with just the slightest bit of stress.