Republicans Must Fight, Or Our Loss Will Be On Us

Eric Hoffer said: “Propaganda does not deceive people; it merely helps them to deceive themselves.”

It’s been said that for a lie to become the truth, it only needs to be repeated by more than one person. Lies gain credibility when more people believe them; and if we hear the same lie coming from multiple people, we are more likely to believe it to be the truth. The cycle continues: as the lie spreads, it become more credible, and as it gains credibility, it spreads.

Democrats use this style of repeated, multi-person lies to trick the American people into believing whatever they want them to believe. The most recent example is the fight to defund Obamacare. Republicans–the good ones, anyway–are fighting to defund Obamacare by passing a continuing resolution that would fund the entirety of the federal government, but cut off the money for Obama’s signature legislation. This would allow our government to keep functioning, but effectively kill Obamacare.

The bill just passed in the House, and is headed toward the Senate. The Democrats are furious, because they know how much Americans dislike Obamacare, and this resolution is the final chance to take it down. So the Democrats have come up with a new lie and it goes like this: “The Republicans want to shut down the government!”

Of course, this is not true. The Republicans have created a bill that would do the exact opposite; it would fund the government, averting a shutdown. But the Democrats know that all they have to do is repeat their simple lie, and with the help of the mainstream media, it will become truth.

This new truth will scare many low-information voters, causing them to doubt the motives of Republicans. Not only will this truth help the Democrats avoid defunding Obamacare, but it will plant a seed in the minds of voters that will grow into full-blown dissatisfaction. By the time 2016 approaches, the voters—who might have otherwise voted Republican—will view Republicans as fear mongers who extorted Obama for political gain.

Now, we know better, but many people do not. They succumb to the manipulation of the Democrats. This simple, one sentence lie could change the climate of our electorate. The Democrats know that. In this situation, many Republicans would back down out of fear. They would become afraid of being painted as mean. This is why the Democrats continue to win. They play on the Republicans’ fears, and the Republicans fall for it every single time.

It’s time to grow a spine, stand up straight, and hold the line. If Republicans simply explain the situation to the American people, and aggressively take aim at the Democrats, we will win. We will win. Republicans have been spineless weasels for too long. It’s time to fight. We can’t blame the American people for deceiving themselves if we do nothing but cower in a corner.