Republicans at Odds On Immigration Reform

The Republican Party has been at odds with itself over the last few months as support has been ramping up for comprehensive immigration reform. For years, pundits, politicos and keen observers have been lamenting the GOP’s Hispanic problem – they just can’t seem to win over enough of the growing segment of Latino voters. Lines have been drawn, and while the Democrats hardly seem united on the issue, for some reason, it’s the GOP that has been handed the reins on this key and controversial issue.

I happen to think this is another example of media bias at work in our highly politicized culture. According to the media, the Democrats are “better” on immigration than Republicans, even though Democrats have offered no solutions to any of the issues we face on immigration reform. The perception that the Democrats and the Media have pushed is that the Republicans have racist tendencies, and therefore the burden of fixing immigration is on them. The problem is (as with many other issues), the Republican Party has bought the media spin, and is playing a game of Twister with itself to try and figure out how to reform immigration without offending anyone.

It can’t be done.

The only real answers to the immigration problems we face are hard answers. We have over eleven million illegal immigrants in American today, and that is A LOT of people. They are mostly law abiding (not including the illegal thing) hardworking folks, but that doesn’t minimize the problems caused by their arrival.

Republicans play twister on immigration reform.

Republicans have answered the call though, and some are trying genuinely to solve this problem. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida has spearheaded the effort and become the mouthpiece for a bipartisan group seeking reform. The problem is the Democrat Party will not allow any measure that secures the border before solving the current illegal inhabitant issue. Why, you ask? I have no idea, and clearly Senator Rubio doesn’t either…when asked the same question by Sean Hannity, he just reiterated that dealing with the illegals here had to come first.

Jeff Flake has also heard the siren call of immigration reform, though to be fair, he has been a proponent of a Rubio style plan since he entered the political arena. He has, however, become much more vocal about the issue as of late.  If I were a cynical man (which I am), I might think that this aggressive immigration reform push might have something to do with Senator Flake’s recent polling problems due to his votes on gun control measures. Look, Jeff Flake is generally a reliable conservative who I don’t want to see get the electoral boot, but a hastily done immigration reform package that liberals love is probably a bad thing, and Senator Flake should consider that before he ties himself to it.

Republican commentator and nationally recognized pundit Anne Coulter has some words of wisdom for any Republican buying into the “Gang of Eight’s” immigration reform – “Stop being Stupid.”

Maybe Coulter is being a little melodramatic, or maybe she’s hit it right on the nose. The problem is, we may not find out until it’s too late.