Republican Names And Democratic Names

A company called Clarity Campaign Labs “provides fully integrated analytic solutions to Democratic campaigns, progressive non-profits, and socially responsible corporations,” according to their Who We Are page. They’re also made up of six white men and one Asian woman, so they’re racists, too.

Now, we’ve all heard the statistic that says 90 percent of blacks vote for Democrats, right? Well, I did a fun experiment: I entered into CCL’s tool what can safely be judged exclusively black names and, yep, that 90-percent statistic seems pretty accurate.

For example, of 4,990 voters with the name Shaniqua, 89.2 percent of them are registered Democrats. Of the 1,054 people with the name Sharifa, 85.7 percent are registered Democrats. Of the 2,855 people with the name Antwon, 86.7 are registered Democrats. And of the 2,391 voters with the name Shaquana (I knew one in 4th grade), 91.3 percent are registered Democrats.

Then I started to make up names that I believed sounded like typical black names. Shaliqua, for example. I made it up, but it turns out 23 black people beat me to it (and don’t pretend to be offended that I assume they’re all black; you know I’m right). Of those 23 Shaliquas, 90.5 percent are Democrats. How about Zaniqua? Eleven people, 87.1 percent Democrats (though I’m not quite sure how that works). Ebonica is also a made-up name with which only 13 parents cursed their children, 89.2 percent of whom ended up being Democrats. And we’ve all heard of Queen Latifah, right? Queen isn’t her real name, but apparently it is the real name of 7,789 people, 88.7 percent of whom vote Democratic.

Okay, enough about Democrats. Clarity Campaign Labs looked at the names that are simultaneously the most popular among Republicans and least popular among Democrats. For example, while John is one of the most popular names in America, there isn’t much division with that name among Democrats and Republicans. So there are more Republicans named John than there are Republicans named Tanner, but the ratio of Republican-to-Democrat named Tanner is higher than the ratio of Republican-to-Democrat named John. So here are the top 10 most partisan Republican names:

  1. Tanner
  2. Colton
  3. Randal
  4. Eldon
  5. Kent
  6. Rex
  7. Caleb
  8. Randall (two l‘s)
  9. Bret
  10. Bradley

So it turns out blacks aren’t the only parents who give their kids crappy names. I think we all learned something today.