Republican Mules Chase the Compromise Carrot

I am patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it.” – Edith Sitwell

How many times can one dangle a carrot in front of a mule before the mule figures out that it will never get that carrot? If that mule is a Republican, the answer is never. For decades, Republicans have been caving to the demands of Democrats in an effort to be “bi-partisan,” but all they ever get in return is empty promises. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me…I dunno, several thousand times, shame on me. The Republican Party is an actual joke.

Breitbart reports that this week, Senate Republicans fell like a house of cards after a light breeze, caving on the DHS funding bill. Republicans had previously wanted to pass a bill which would fund the entirety of the Department of Homeland Security, without funding Obama’s executive amnesty. Of course, the Democrats were having none of that, and now it seems they may have gotten their way. Mitch McMoron—sorry, McConnell—had the following to say:

“I’ve indicated to the Democratic leader that I’d be happy to have his cooperation to advance consideration of a clean DHS bill, which would carry us through September 30…With Democratic cooperation on a position they have been advocating for the last two months, we could have that vote very quickly.”

Oh, what a naive soul. Mitch McConnell believing that the Democrats will ever cooperate with Republicans on anything is like a 30 year-old still believing in Santa Clause; it’s sad, a little scary, and makes you wonder if he’s a little slow.

Oh, but if they don’t cooperate, if they don’t compromise (which is code for acquiescing to every single aspect of Democrat policy, while retaining not a scrap of Republican policy), they will be seen as “The Party of No.” Here’s the thing, as long as the mainstream media is owned by the left, a large portion of the American people will continue to hate Republicans. That’s just the way it is. Republicans could start volunteering as carcass suckers at Planned Parenthood, and the Republican Party would still be vilified. The Democrats, in conjunction with their media prostitutes, would find a way.

Even with the Senate Republicans shuddering, and cowering at the feet of the leftist elites, Harry Reid isn’t happy. He won’t be happy until Speaker Boehner gets the bill through the House. After that, Harry Reid says the Democrats will gladly debate the issue of illegal immigration:

“We’re willing to debate anything they want dealing with immigration, after we fund homeland security.”

Gravely adding:

“We need to protect our homeland. We have people being beheaded. People being stacked in cages, one of them has been burned in a cage…We have the direct threat to our malls around America and we have to be as prepared for these bad people, as ISIS is prepared and these other terrorist groups to do harm to us.”

Suddenly, Harry Reid cares deeply about national security—which is odd, because if I recall, he’s backed every one of Obama’s open border policies, and he holds a rating of 0% by the United States Border Control (USBC), which, according to “indicates an open-border stance.”

If Harry Reid is so concerned about national security, one would think he would be more concerned with securing the border, which is the best place for ISIS—or “these bad people,” as Reid calls them—to enter the United States. But that’s just not the case. Harry Reid is perfectly willing to block funding for the DHS unless his lord and savior Barack Obama’s executive amnesty plan gets funded as well. So I guess ISIS isn’t as important an issue as amnesty.

McConnell also opined:

“We have a solution to the problem that deals with both things: number one giving senators an opportunity to express their disapproval of what the president did in November and some Democrats — as you know — have already announced they agree with me on that…”

And the mule keeps on truckin’. It’ll get that carrot! Just pass the clean bill for DHS funding, and then a respectful compromise can be met about Obama’s unilateral amnesty. Just like in 1986, right?