Republican Leadership In An Apathetic And Selfish Nation

The United States faces the same immediate and long-term problems today as it has in the last 50 years. Somehow, these problems continue to be ignored by our elected government. These same legislators—too busy to answer public policy questions honestly—find the time to rub elbows with enough people to raise $6.3 billion dollars in one election cycle. Also find time to play as much golf as some retirees, travel the country and the globe glad handing the citizenry and promising to reign in an out of control government and change Washington. Moreover, many Americans still elect these criminals.

Our government has had almost 50 years to address a lack of a real national energy policy and the failure of Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration reform that broke our immigration system. Financial crime rates rise, election fraud continues, entitlement fraud prospers and permeates our carefully screwed world. Now our government has conditioned Americans to believe historic levels of national debt are normal and running a government without a budget is sound fiscal policy.

Oh wait.

Future generations of Americans believe that “right and wrong” comes from government not God. That the US Constitution like the Bible was written by old men who meant well, but did not anticipate the social complexities of divorce rates, anal sex, weapons confiscation, government intrusion, and the inconvenience of pregnancy for today’s career gal.

Daily I have to listen to people bellyache about the Roberts Court. Some have never bothered to read a majority or minority opinion on a single case. They simply let Chris Mathews or Bill O’Reilly tell them what their opinion should be. And they wonder why the younger generation does not have a clue.

I listen to people characterize themselves as conservatives who have been defrauding the taxpayer through one entitlement or another for decades. I have listened to liberals complain about a lack of fairness and income inequality when our government spends more money every year SNAP feeding healthy adults then it does on our enlisted military and the very people Social security was designed to help.

The Democrat party will always be the party of party. No big surprise. The Republican party, now led by closet liberals wearing their father‘s suits and spouting their grandfathers ideals are no better. McCain, Rubio, Graham, and Flake should all be removed from office in the next election regardless of whether immigration reform passes. These men are dangerous for America. The residents of Arizona, South Carolina, and Florida have elected these men and seen enough of their lies and deceptions. They should send these men a fast and furious message: “If you vote for Immigration Reform you will be removed from Office and Ostracized. You and your offspring.”

No Republican, even a so-called moderate, has been able to provide one legitimate non-political benefit to our nation to support Gang of 8-immigration reform. Not one. Democrat and Republican politics are the cause of our nation’s unsolved problems. Politics will never solve our nation’s problems or crisis. Politics and Americans’ apathy got us into this mess.

I will not be spending any money or time in any state whose representatives support Amnesty. Some months ago, I wrote a piece titled “Did Obama find his Judas at his last Supper.” The way I look at it is simple: You are either with us or against us. I would recommend the rest of the country begin to do the same.

Arguing over new bad law should be replaced with repealing the old bad law championed by Democrats in the 1960’s to secure more Democrat voters.  This act would solve our nation’s problems now. Not create a new bi-lingual one in ten to twenty years.