Republican Leadership As Corrupt As Obama

Our national pride has never been as low as it is today. All three branches of our federal government have been lost to self-interest. Our laws are ignored and new unconstitutional restrictions and mandates imposed. Americans are no longer free to worship, think critically, or petition their government for redress. Dissent carries devastating consequences. The constitution is no longer the law. It is just a piece of paper tourists gawk at in an expensive museum.

Well not for me.

America does not need Immigration Reform. We need border security and a vote to repeal the 1965 Kennedy Immigration Reform Act. The very law that has caused over 40 years of illegal immigration, American wage deterioration, the explosion of healthcare and education costs, the massive expansion of entitlements, the infiltration of our government by generations of poorly assimilated Americas , the militarization of our law enforcement agencies, the emasculation of our judiciary and soon the total corruption of our electoral processes.

After several immigration reforms, America foolishly accepted NAFTA, and they still came.

Republican Senators McCain, Flake, Graham, and Rubio lied to the America and the people of Arizona, South Carolina and Florida during the 2012 election. If not for the protections by the 17th Amendment to the US Constitution, these bagmen they would be re-called by their respective state legislatures and reminded of the will of their constituency. They were reminded that America does not support Amnesty and open borders. These politicians are no better than Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and Schumer. They have been bought and paid for and care little for their oaths of office. The time has come to make them care about their oaths or remove them from office.

For decades, Americans have stood by and supported the disintegration of our country by its wealthy enemies and the advocates of global industry. We have watched political party loyalists—either side—scramble to catch a crumb falling of the table from time to time, but never in our nation’s history has financial bribery of our elected representatives and the willing and criminal disregard for our founding principles and national laws been so prevalent in our governing process.

The 2012 election cycle, the most expensive in US history saw $ 6.3 billion spent on candidate advocacy and advertising. The average cost to purchase a US Senate seat was $10.2 million dollars and a seat in the lower house cost an average of $1.5 million. Senate Democrats prevailing in their election bids averaged expenditures of $11.9 million with Republican winners needing $7.1 million. First time wannabe public servants seeking to challenge an incumbent had to spend $2.4 million to get a ticket to the US House political ball. On average incumbents, raised $3.1 million to defend their powerful backsides and most of them, Democrat and Republican, prevailed.

This is the system that Americans’ have allowed to take over our Republic. A system that produces David Axelrods and Karl Roves. The men in the business of buying and selling votes who care nothing about the law and wave the banner of freedom and liberty only to draw the gullible to contribute and vote for their guy. Other than loose interpretations of the book they worship, there is not much of a difference between their guys.

Knowledgeable Americans do not trust their food, water, medicines or clergy anymore.