Report: The IRS Actually Didn’t Target Liberal Groups

It was nearly a year ago that the IRS started making headlines about their targeting of tea party groups and their delaying or rejecting of various conservative groups’ applications for tax-exempt status based on their political opinions. In short, the IRS was targeting Obama’s political enemies and trying to prevent them from gaining any ground.

Whenever conservatives brought up the IRS scandal, liberals’ usual line of defense was that the IRS didn’t single out any conservative or “tea party” groups. They reviewed all political groups’ applications for tax exempt status indiscriminately, regardless of political affiliation. So, there really was no scandal, since everyone was mistreated equally.

But the truth comes out. IRS officials testified before the House Oversight Committee and stated that “progressive” groups weren’t targeted. The few liberal groups whose applications were scrutinized, were reviewed for reasons not pertaining to their political leanings. The Daily Caller reported:

IRS agents testified before Congress that the agency’s political targeting did not apply to progressive groups as Democrats and the media have claimed, according to a bombshell new staff report prepared by the House Oversight Committee chairman, Rep. Darrell Issa.

IRS agents testified before Oversight that ACORN groups were scrutinized because the agency thought they were old organizations applying as new ones. Emerge America was scrutinized for potential “improper private benefit.” No evidence exists that the IRS requested additional information from any Occupy Wall Street group.

“Only seven applications in the IRS backlog contained the word ‘progressive,’ all of which were then approved by the IRS, while Tea Party groups received unprecedented review and experienced years-long delays. While some liberal-oriented groups were singled out for scrutiny, evidence shows it was due to non-political reasons,” according to the Oversight staff report, which was obtained by The Daily Caller.

“[T]he Administration and congressional Democrats have seized upon the notion that the IRS’s targeting was not just limited to conservative applicants,” the report states. “These Democratic claims are flat-out wrong and have no basis in any thorough examination of the facts.  Yet, the Administration’s chief defenders continue to make these assertions in a concerted effort to deflect and distract from the truth about the IRS’s targeting of tax-exempt applicants.”

“[T]here is simply no evidence that any liberal or progressive group received enhanced scrutiny because its application reflected the organization’s political views,” the report stated.

I’d rather the entire agency be shut down and all involved go free than to have a few higher-ups fired or even jailed only to be replaced by more corrupt IRS officials. – wDWgAsFy4U7muCB8.99