Report: Concealed Carry Permits Up; Murder Rate Down

Here’s a stat you likely won’t hear about in the national media, mainly because it corroborates the idea that more guns equals less crime. Concealed carry permits are on the rise, and the murder rate in the U.S. is declining.

Liberals of course would be quick to point out that a correlation does not imply causation. Funny that they’d say that when they push manmade global warming in spite of the fact that rising carbon emissions don’t even correlate with rising global temperatures. It’s just a game of pick and choose, I guess.

A recent report showed that concealed carry permits are up, while the murder rate is down. Breitbart reported:

A report set to be released on July 15 shows that concealed carry permits have surged since 2007, while at the same time murders and violent crime have decreased by “25 percent.”

The study was conducted by the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC).

According The Washington Times, the CPRC study shows the number of concealed carry permits increased “from 4.6 million [in 2007] to over 12.8 million” now. And the number of permits sought increases with each passing year.

For example, “over 1.7 million new permits were issued [in 2014],” which represents a “15.4 percent increase” over the number issued the year before. The CPRC report also shows that concealed carry permits are no longer just a guy thing, either. Rather, since 2007 “permits for women have increased by 270 percent” while permits for men have increased “by 156 percent.”

Throughout this surge in concealed carry permitting, murder and violent crime rates have fallen. The rate for murder fell from “5.6 to 4.2 per 100,000, about a 25 percent drop.” Violent crime fell “25 percent” as well.

We just reported on an incident in Texas where three masked men tried to rob a convenience store. If the clerks had not been armed, they would have likely died. The robbers barged in and immediately started shooting at one of the clerks. It was only because the clerk started shooting back that their lives were spared. And two of the suspects who got shot ended up dying.

Those kinds of cases are on the rise, because more people are arming themselves. Murders are declining, but justifiable homicides might be rising. In other words, criminals are still trying to commit their crimes, but because of an increasingly armed populace, many of them are being killed by their intended victims in self-defense.