Rep. Ellison: Saying “All Lives Matter” Ignores American Racism

Democrat Representative Keith Ellison from Minnesota said that the “Black Lives Matter” mantra has reference to the fact that “black lives matter also.” In other words, the assumption is that everyone’s lives matter except black ones. So, the movement is a response to that cultural assumption. Therefore, saying “all lives matter” ignores the historical reality of American racism. CNS News reported:

Ellison was part of a panel discussing the Black Lives Matter movement on CNN’s State of the Union program on Sunday.  The Democratic lawmaker got into a debate with Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) when she said, “I think the conversation needs to be all lives matter.  Whether it’s black lives or blue lives or infant lives.”

“When you say ‘all lives matter’ you are ignoring centuries of institutionalized American racism,” Ellison said. “You cannot ignore the fact that – in your own state, I mean, there was segregation, there was racism, there was slavery. “

“All lives matter,” Blackburn responded.

“Of course they do,” Ellison said. “The Black Lives Matter movement is saying ‘black lives matter also – black lives matter too.’”

Even Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley got into trouble for saying “all lives matter.” He was speaking earlier this summer when protesters interrupted him, chanting, “Black lives matter!” O’Malley responded, “Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter.” That didn’t go over too well with the protesters. He later apologized for his comments.

Saying, “All lives matter” is racist. They claim they want equality, but when they’re treated equally, they take great offense. I don’t think they want equality. They want special treatment.