Remember When Hillary was “Adamantly Against Illegal Immigrants?”

It wasn’t all that long ago that Hillary was “adamantly against illegal immigrants” before she became adamantly for illegal immigrants.

It’s like Obama being against homosexual marriage as recently as 2008. Nowadays, if anyone comes out against “gay marriage,” he’s branded a right-wing religious radical homophobic fundamentalist bigot. But Obama was just “evolving.”

Or how about Mitt Romney who’s flip-flopped on the issue of abortion more than a fish out of water.

And Bill Clinton and Al Gore were both pro-life before they were pro-abortion.

Politicians stick their finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing and adjust their speeches accordingly. Who knows what they really believe. They just want to get elected.

Here’s Hillary in 2003:

Is this going to hurt Hillary’s chances of winning the presidency? Of course not. Voters, even illegal immigrant voters, will ignore these inconsistencies and fully embrace Hillary, if the media and DNC come around to support and promote her. In other words, as long as Hillary is seen as a marketable political product worthy of the national media, voters on the left will line up willingly as sheep to the slaughter to vote for her. These days, “scandals” have no effect on a candidate as long as the media and party establishment have chosen that candidate to be the nominee.

But honestly, I don’t think that Hillary is an easily marketable political product. Yes, she’s a woman. But she’s too old and too unattractive. Should those be deciding factors in deciding whom to vote for? Of course not. But that’s the reality today. The media and political establishment emphasize celebrity over substance. Youth, good looks, and good teleprompter-reading skills look good on camera and do wonders for ratings. Who cares what these people actually believe? (Who even knows?) What do they look like? That’s the question.

I could be wrong though. I wouldn’t put anything past the media and political establishment. It could be that they’ve decided they want to use a Republican president next time, in which case if the Democrats nominate Hillary Clinton, she’ll be like McCain in 2008 who was propped up to fail. She’ll have to have some young and dapper whippersnapper as a running mate to balance out her age, race and unappealing demeanor. Should she choose a Black or Latino running mate? Which minority votes does she care about more? Perhaps she should find a “Blacktino” American.