Our Relationship with Germany is Souring Before Our Eyes

In yet another instance of what seems like an unending line of foreign policy debacles, the United States has managed to estrange one of its stronger European allies—Germany. After decades of amicable relations, the US finally soured relations with Germany completely when news surfaced that US intelligence agents had paid off a member of German intelligence in order to secure top secret documents.

This news comes just on the heels of the discovery that the NSA had been wire-tapping everyone from Johann the bratwurst vendor all the way up to Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor. Put together, these discoveries have prompted Germany to take some drastic measures.

For one, Germany just expelled our intelligence ambassador at the US embassy in Germany. And Germany also reinstated a combative policy of espionage with the United States, meaning that Germany gives no assurance that she is not trying to infiltrate and sabotage US intelligence efforts.

This is unprecedented in recent history. Just as a reference: The last time we were even close to this level of antagonism with Germany, Hitler was still in power.

I don’t think it takes a genius to realize that this administration has absolutely no capacity in foreign relations. Either that, or this administration is actively attempting to sabotage America’s international standing. In fact, this administration’s foreign relations record is so poor, it is very hard to tell whether ignorance or malice are at work here.

But one thing is for sure—countries that have maintained very good relationships with the United States for many years are starting to treat us like enemies. We’ve got a resurgent Cold War going with Russia, a minefield of perpetual wars in the Middle East, the collapse and estrangement of Iraq, wilting good will of Israel, brinkmanship with various countries in Africa, a losing battle for hegemony with China, and countless other failures of wit and will all over the world.

Say what you will about George W., but even his apparent “warmongering” didn’t anger the whole world. Our international relationships have never been this tenuous. Diplomacy is dead, and our army is stretched thin. What will we do if a real international challenge