Rejoice! Media Finally Found an Actual White Rayciss

I find no shortage of amusement in the fact that the top news story of the week, the absolute most important news story, America’s most impactful and consequential news story, a news story that makes the front page of every major paper for days and days and trends on all the news websites, is that some unimportant schmo who owns an unimportant sports team doesn’t like black people.

I had hoped that the story would go away after a day or two, so I didn’t bother writing about it. But even on Fox News this morning, boom, there it was.

The key elements are that Donald Sterling, white owner of basketball’s L.A. Clippers, was recorded in a phone conversation with his black-Latina girlfriend, saying to her, “It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people. Do you have to?”

This was in reference to his loving and faithful girlfriend, Vanessa Stiviano, who is less than half Sterling’s age and definitely in love with him and not dating him for his billions of dollars at all, posting photos of herself on her Instagram account in which she is posing with young black men.

Sterling also told her that he doesn’t care what she does with them in private, including having sex with them (such a loving relationship Sterling and Stiviano have, isn’t it?), but not to be seen with them in photos or in public.

I suppose such strict rules (“Bang all the guys you want, just don’t embarrass me with it”) were too much for the harlot to follow, so she got revenge on Sterling by giving the recording to celebrity gossip organization TMZ.

I would have guessed that Sterling said what he said because he worries about his girlfriend hanging around people who, according to the FBI, are the most physically and sexually abusive, not to mention the most rapacious, people in America, but then Sterling said he doesn’t mind what she does with them in private, so that’s obviously not the case.

Whatever the reason behind his words, they were rayciss and Sterling must be sacrificed to the god known as Politikus Korektikus. It is unacceptable that there be people in the world who don’t like black people. Unacceptable. We cannot have it. Everybody must like black people, no matter what, and anybody who doesn’t is a very very very bad person.

I understand sponsors wanting to drop Clippers games faster than President Obama drops longtime personal friends when it’s time to run for president; Sterling said something controversial for today’s drama queens, and sponsors don’t want to lose money.

The NBA has decided to fine Sterling $2.5 million, ban him from any future activity with the NBA, and attempt to force him to sell the team.

While I think the monetary fine is ridiculous, I understand that leftist-fascists have to enforce speech codes for the private lives of their employees, otherwise they’ll all say whatever they want to, and that would be very very very bad.

The punishment has already been announced and Sterling has already admitted that was his voice in the recording, so one wouldn’t think there’s any more to say on the matter. But I’m confident the media can squeeze out a more weeks of coverage of this sports guy telling his girlfriend to stop hanging out with blacks. Such atrocities must never go un- or under-reported, lest the citizenry fail to take the harmlessly racist opinions of unimportant people seriously. And congratulations to the media for finally finding an actual white rayciss, despite its having no consequence to the practical world at all.