Who Is Really to Blame for Benghazi? Not THIS Administration….

By the Psychotic Liberal

Republicans and teabaggers are so stupid. They couldn’t win the election in 2012 even when they were trying to scare people into believing that a terrorist attack had happened on September 11 that year in some place called Benghazi (does that place even exist?).

The public didn’t buy it but conservatives kept going “Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, OMG!”

You would have thought that after it proved to be a bad strategy, they would have given it up and saved themselves any further embarrassment, but nope, they’re still digging in.

They’ve requested, as you know, that the Obama administration release all the emails related to the response to the Benghazi “scandal,” so the administration did so.

Supposedly the emails reveal something nefarious or something…OR SO REPUBLICANS SAY!

Jay Carney has already said over and over again that the emails were not related to Benghazi at all. So there you go. Jay Carney said it’s not related, yet Republicans don’t believe him! This has made teabaggers ask, “Well, if those emails aren’t about Benghazi, then why did you release those emails when we asked for Benghazi-related emails?” But this is just another teabagger distraction.

Let me set it straight for you nut jobs: Benghazi is nothing. Nothing happened. A few Americans died, and guess what, America killed millions of Iraqis in all eight years of the Bush administration before Obama finally put an end to it all and saved the world from nuclear war.

As our next president Hillary Clinton said, what difference does it make when she knew there was an attack going on?! SHE didn’t do the attack, so why are Republicans persecuting her for it?!

Sexism, duh. The Republican Party has a long history of hating minorities, and women are one of the many minorities of this country. That’s also why they’re making a big deal about Benghazi during an AFRICAN-AMERICAN’S presidency.

Like White House National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor, who was IN THE FREAKING SITUATION ROOM WHEN BENGHAZI WAS HAPPENING, said, “Dude, this was like two years ago!”

Get over it, people. Move past it. Obamacare is here and the wars are ended and we don’t need to worry about who is responsible for Benghazi because we already know: