Real, Successful CEO Slams Obamacare–Take Note!

There’s an eerie perception in this country, on the part of Liberals, that government is the ultimate benefactor; the final word on what is good and right. We all know about this peculiar world-view, but it bears reminding. On the flip-side, those who are in actual positions of success, such as CEOs, and real businessmen, are demonized and regarded as evil, greedy people who have no interest beyond their own.

In an NPR interview, the CEO of Whole Foods, John Mackey, said this of Obamacare: “Socialism is where the government owns the means of production. In fascism, the government doesn’t own the means of production, but they do control it—and that’s what’s happening with our health care programs and these reforms…We no longer have free enterprise capitalism in health care. It’s not a system any longer where people are able to innovate. It’s not based on voluntary exchange. The government is directing it so we need a new word for it, I don’t know what that right word is.”

It’s one thing when a Conservative business or businessman slams Obama, but when you have a supplier of healthy, organic foods–who’s corporation you’d expect to be on the Liberal side of the aisle, honestly–makes a derisive comment; it sticks in the mind.

Whole Foods is an extraordinarily successful chain with extremely modest beginnings. From there, it grew into a model of business success. Whole Foods employs thousands of people, and it’s success depends on many factors; with healthcare costs nearing the top of the list.

John Mackey, and CEO’s like him, are the beginning and the end of our economy. His opinion of Obamacare reflects not only the opinion of many business owners, but basic economic truth. This President has presided over one of the biggest economic interventions in history and it is stifling business, which is killing our economy. It is simple, obvious, and powerfully clear.

Instead of dismissing or demonizing businessmen, we should be looking to them for guidance in a troubled economy. When the President acts in direct opposition to the advise of successful people; and directly against the best interest of the American people, it may be time to consider dismissing the President. Impeachment? Maybe; maybe not. Just a thought.