“Rational Middle Ground”: Gabby Giffords Proposes Steps Toward Gun Confiscation

Why is gun confiscation a bad idea? If you want to reduce “gun violence,” there are two ways to do it. Either you can do an absolute and universal ban on all guns – which would mean even the military and police would have no guns – or you can encourage all good, responsible citizens to own and learn how to use guns. Since the former is unrealistic, the only real alternative is the latter. If you’re anywhere in the middle, if anything, it’ll just make the problem worse.

But gun-grabber and gun-owner Gabby Giffords says that she and her group have the “middle ground” solution to so-called gun violence. AWR Hawkins with Breitbart reported:

The report was issued in conjunction with the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

According to the Arizona Republic, Giffords and her husband found the “rational middle ground” in the new report.

The report begins with the fairly innocuous idea of removing “loopholes” where they exist between states and the federal government regarding information on the mentally ill. But after that, the focus turns to confiscation:

Idea Two: “Authorize law enforcement to remove access to guns, with court oversight and plenty of protections to prevent abuse of this authority.” The owner of the guns would “only” get them back once he or she was “no longer a danger to themselves or others.”

Idea Three: “Require schools, including colleges and universities, to report violent or suicidal people to a court or administrating agency.” These people would also have their firearms confiscated, but “could regain their firearms access…after a certain period of time.”

Idea Four: “Allow courts to issue ‘Gun Violence Restraining Orders.'” These result in temporary gun confiscation.

Idea Five: “Temporarily ban those who have been involuntarily hospitalized from purchasing or possessing firearms.”

The whole mental illness thing is a slippery slope. What qualifies as mental illness these days could be something as simple as seeing a counselor, who will be careful to read into everything you say as some sort of veiled suicide or homicide threat. As soon as that mental health professional decides that you might be a threat to yourself or others, he has to report it to the police, who will go after the newly designated “mentally ill” person’s guns.

Liberals want to blame everything on mental illness, because of people like Lanza and Holmes. They focus on alleged illnessesbut ignore all the pharmaceutical drugs many of these mass murderers are on. If the media focused more on legal psychotropic drugs and their side effects, they’d probably lose all their drug ad revenue.

But this issue isn’t even about the drugs. If these people really want to stem violence involving guns, then they need to encourage more people to arm themselves for protection. The only thing they need to work on banning are gun-free zones.