“Rape Culture”: Imaginary Enemy

Feminists have invented something they like to call “rape culture.” They claim that rape culture was invented by “the patriarchy,” which, comically, is yet another invention of theirs. It’s all very meta.

It’s like an imaginary friend who gives you imaginary presents, and then you go around “showing” people all those presents. Technically, neither the friend nor the presents exist, so, technically, you’re insane.

Except your imaginary friend is actually an enemy and those imaginary presents are actually traps set for women—but you’re still insane, because you still revolve your life around imaginary things.

There’s an informational page at Goshen College’s website that borrowed from the University of Michigan’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center to inform us “What Men Can Do to Stop Rape.”

“We live in a sexist society in which men have privileges and prerogatives unavailable to women,” it begins. Notably absent are their complaints that women control over 60 percent of consumer wealth, divorce court almost always results in favor of the woman in the case.

The garbage continues: “To support these sexist patterns, men are taught to be dominant, and women are taught to be submissive.” Oh, you mean just as it is in nature? If gender roles are just social constructs, why is the animal kingdom adhering so closely to them? Could it be that it’s just the way things were intended by God?

“In particular, men are encouraged to take whatever they want.” I was never taught to take what I want, but I chalk this up more to not being raised by a liberal more than to not being raised by a misogynist.

“Thus women are no longer viewed as people. Instead they are viewed as objects to please men, to be taken.” Like women are sluts, perhaps? Like they’re nothing but vaginas?

“It is these attitudes that define ‘rape culture.'” In other words, “rape culture” has nothing to do with rape, but about hurt feelings.