Rant: We Can’t Afford East Coast Panhandlers

Quid pro quo Governor Cuomo and Governor Christie; why should my money help you rebuild? After all, your residents have been happy with the type of leadership that runs deficits and grooms their children to live off the taxpayer when the hard times hit. Am I going to be given a free pass the next time I go to a Yankee game or be forgiven my tolls when I pass through your liberal states?

You all enjoyed the progressive tax revenue generated by your residents for decades; federal taxes, states income taxes, city/local taxes and property taxes that would choke Satan. Meanwhile the rest of the nation contributed a disproportionate number of dollars and soldiers to protect your financially strapped rear ends? What did you all do with the obscene tax revenue you have been collecting for decades? Monuments, brass letters for the victims of 911 and union worker paychecks while the kids from hardworking families get stacked on top of each other at a taxpayer provided V.A. cemeteries?

For God’s sake you re-elected Bloomberg and Obama, you deserve everything you have coming. Your elite sensibilities disgust me. Just because Mellissa Harris-Perry and Chris Hayes wish to see things back to normal doesn’t mean that the rest of the country is willing to support the generations of corruption you choose to live with. We didn’t build on the bedrock of liberalism, you did. So don’t expect us to willingly support its reconstruction. Enjoy your FEMA camps, your MRE’s and your “make it anywhere” attitude.

Hey, New York, how do you feel about the spawn of Mario now? Do you remember his Cuomo’s fathers Shoreham? Does your homosexual loving, anti-2nd amendment future Presidential contender make the future look brighter? How is your Uncle Vito doing in Staten Island? Did he get his furnace working yet? Is he thinking about relocating to the South to enjoy what is left of his retirement? Or was it the new gun laws or the loss of his constitutional freedoms that is influencing his decision to move?

Why aren’t the “Masters of the Universe” of the New York and Hoboken financial markets hard charging to the rescue of victims of Storm Sandy? After all, U.S. taxpayers already bailed them out for stealing from America and destroying the economy they monopolized, perhaps it’s time they took care of their own in New York and New Jersey. Perhaps they blew their pecuniary load supporting the likes of liberals Spitzer, Cuomo, Corzine and Obama. And now we are all in this together? So conservatives should willingly add to our debt to fix the N.Y. infrastructure that is complicit in our national fiscal mess? Please?!

Louisiana culled its political herd after Katrina. Now it’s time for the East Coast to do the same. You support immigration amnesty? Well suck on that for a while? See how your Union labor likes tolerating there code heavy homes rebuilt by people who could care less about your monuments to first responders and victims of terrorism then Si Se Puede!

Why is it the nation’s obligation when Democrat voters get in a mess, but as a general rule, except for your token Democrat run southern cities like New Orleans or turncoat Charles Crist’s Florida, south of the Mason Dixon line is on its own? Did you all hear? Former N.O. Mayor Ray Nagin, has been indicted for pilfering from the “Chocolate City” before, during and after Katrina. Nice! What do you think the odds are that he will do time for his negligent homocides?

Many people die or lose their homes every year outside of the East Coast to support North East resident’s rights to liberal ideology. Perhaps New York and New Jersey should start paying attention to that before they expect conservatives to support liberal reconstruction. In other words move off the beach and stop telling the rest of the nation who deserves to be elected.

Where are your politicians now? Have they forsaken you? Are their homes in the Hamptons and the Vineyard already blessed?

The rest of the nation is tired of the poorly thought out New England style plans to reshape American society. Liberalism’s migration is not welcome in our communities. We don’t support the too fast to pay attention mindset. It’s exhausting and expensive. Clearly, it hasn’t served you well. It will not be forced upon us.

Tell your Bloomberg and your Christie to go pound sand. If you wish to live under liberal rule and tolerate the lunacy of government mandates and shared wealth so be it. The rest of hard working America wishes you well. Tell all the scoundrels on Wall and Park good luck. Enjoy your fancy ball parks, secularism, your 2 digit hotdogs and subjugated commutes. Accept your loss of freedom for this is what you asked for. Your Christie’s and your Cuomo’s are not welcome in national politics. We will expose them before they get started. You can have them we will keep our Constitution instead.