Rand Paul Sums Up the Left’s Climate Change Problem: How Much is Man-Made and How Much is Nature?

GOP candidate for President and Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul (R-KY) was a guest this past week on Glenn Beck’s the Blaze. During a long and winding conversation where Paul was able to answer a host of questions with one word “yes or no” answers, the candidate for president took a few moments to explain his views on climate change. His response is brilliant and it really exposes the religious nature of the climate change community, as they seem to discount natural climate change altogether while worrying about man’s effects on the natural world.

Glenn Beck: Is climate change real? 

Rand Paul: The climate’s been changing since the beginning of time.

Glenn Beck: Man-made climate change?

Rand Paul: Man might well have an influence on it, the unknown question is how much is man and how much is nature. This is a question I love to ask to the apocalyptic crowd, the alarmists. How much is man and how much is nature? Do you acknowledge nature has been changing the climate, nature has had an atmosphere with much higher Carbon than we’ve had today, and much lower. How much is man? How do you give a proportionality to how much is man and how much is nature? They seem to think it is like 99.99% man, and nothing nature, they don’t even acknowledge the natural climate.