Rand Paul: If Obamacare So Great, Justice Roberts Should be Required to Enroll

He’s only wanting to be fair. He doesn’t want to leave the roughly 2 million federal employees out on the street. So, Senator Paul is proposing that whatever they legislate for the American people, whatever mandates and regulations apply to voters, should also apply to federal employees. Including people like Justice John Roberts who declared last year that Obamacare was “Constitutional.” He must have been using a different Constitution than the one we have.

There’s been some debate of sorts as to whether or not an Obamacare provision actually “exempts” members of Congress and their staff from certain Obamacare mandates. According to Republican Senator David Vitter from Louisiana, it most certainly is an exemption:

“President Obama recently issued a special rule for Congress and congressional staff to get a special subsidy to purchase health insurance on the Obamacare Exchange unavailable to every other American at similar income levels. That’s an exemption, plain and simple… That special subsidy is worth approximately $11,000 per family.”

Both Senators Vitter and Paul are trying to address this exemption through amendments. The Daily Caller reported:

Paul’s proposal — outlawing any special exemptions for government employees — would mean all federal workers would have to purchase health insurance on the new Obamacare exchanges instead of getting taxpayer-funded subsidies. Some critics say those subsidies amount to special treatment. The Obamacare health insurance exchange opens Oct 1.

Paul stated:

My amendment says basically that everybody including Justice Roberts — who seems to be such a fan of Obamacare — gets it too. See, right now, Justice Roberts is still continuing to have federal employee health insurance subsidized by the taxpayer. And if he likes Obamacare so much, I’m going to give him an amendment that gives Obamacare to Justice Roberts.

And Paul would want not just Congress or Justice Roberts to have to enroll in Obamacare the same way every non-government civilian will be required to do. He said he “would include all federal employees, and save billions of dollars.”

Pelosi called Obamacare a “liberation” and a “freedom.” If it’s so great, they should be able to take full advantage of it like the rest of us.