Rand Paul Calls Out Democrat Anti-War Hypocrites

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is not happy. In recent days the Democrats have gone all in, in an effort to seem strong on national defense. In so doing, Congress (with Democrats leading the charge) have abdicated their responsibility to have a serious and thoughtful debate on whether or not to once again, send America to war. Instead, Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) tied the Senates war approval to a continuing resolution that will make sure the government continues to be funded. Any Republican voting against war will be open to criticism that they were trying to shut down the government again, and any Democrat voting against war would be open to being attacked as “weak” on defense.

Watch as Senator Paul wonders where all the anti-war Democrats, that existed during the Bush years, have gone.

Here’s the most stinging criticism from Paul.

“When there were Republicans in office, there were loud voices on the other side. I see an empty chamber. There will be no voices against war because this is a Democrat president’s war.”

“The hypocrisy of that should resound in this nearly empty chamber… Where are the voices on the other side?”

And here Senator Rand Paul’s entire speech condemning our move to arm the Syrian rebels.