Rahm Emanuel Pledges $250,000 for Chicago Gun Buyback Programs

Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel is pledging $250,000 for various gun buyback programs throughout the city.

If you actually have a good, functioning firearm, you probably won’t turn it in, no matter how much money they’re offering – well, unless they offer you more than what you paid for it. That way, you can take the money and buy a better gun.

But that’s not likely to happen. In one of Boston’s recent gun buybacks, they offered either $100 or $200, depending on the quality and condition of the firearm. If Chicago’s is anything like that, no one’s going to be turning in an excellent condition gun.

They’re going to get a bunch of old clunkers. Or, since Chicago is known for its gang violence, they might also get some guns that were used in the commission of crimes. These gun buybacks are usually anonymous and no-questions-asked. If a criminal had killed someone with a (stolen) gun, he could wipe it down and then turn it in at the buyback and maybe even get a couple hundred bucks out of it. And then the police department would turn around and either sell it or destroy it. What better way to get rid of evidence?

Breitbart reported:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) is announcing a $250,000 city fund to support church and community sponsored gun buyback programs in Chicago.

The plan comes after Chicago’s “assault weapons” ban, “violence tax” on ammunition and firearms, and stringent regulations on gun stores have not only failed to reduce gun violence but are actually correlating with a surge in firearm-related homicides.

The Chicago Tribune reports there have been 2,439 shooting victims so far this year alone in Chicago.

According to ABC 7, Emanuel’s buyback funding opens the door for community groups to “apply to the Chicago Police Department” (CPD) and to “be responsible for organizing and advertising the event.” CPD personnel will help the groups “recover the guns at each event and provide cash cards for the guns people turn in.”

These really are nothing more than a show. I think it gives liberals and those who host these events a sense of “doing something” to stop gun violence. Everyone knows they don’t actually do anything.