Racist Voter ID Laws Lead to Increase in Black Voter Turnout

Liberals claim that voter ID laws are racist, because those who are more likely not to have government-issued IDs are Blacks and Latinos. So, they reason that conservatives must have a hidden racist agenda to keep minorities from voting.

Of course, the flip side is that liberals know that they’ve successfully bought the minority vote by promising them a bunch of free stuff. They have a tremendous vested interest in making sure these large and growing voting blocs – many of whom don’t have IDs – can vote, because they’re far more likely to vote Democrat.

Obviously, there’s politics on both sides and the typical tired and clichéd race-baiting from the left. But a recent study showed that in North Carolina, which requires photo ID to vote, saw an uptick in black voter turnout. The study’s findings came a week before a scheduled hearing called by the Department of Justice, in which they will ask a U.S. District Court for an injunction against North Carolina’s voter ID law heading into the November midterm elections. They’re arguing that such a law will suppress the minority vote. Unfortunately for the DOJ, the opposite happened:

Comparing May 4, 2010 North Carolina primary election data with the May 14, 2014 primary data, the study found that voter turnout increased across the board, but particularly among black voters, where it increased by 29.5 percent, compared to an increase of white voter turnout of 13.7 percent. The findings were based on Census Bureau data and public names who signed the voter rolls.

Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group, commissioned the study and included the findings in an amicus brief for the July 7 hearing. Judicial Watch was joined in its legal brief by the Allied Educational Foundation and by former Buncombe County commissioner candidate Christina Kelley Gallegos-Merrill.

The North Carolina law also eliminated same-day voter registration, which is why Gallegos-Merrill joined the brief. She alleges that her close loss in the state resulted from ineligible same-day registrations.

North Carolina adopted a law in line with 37 other states that don’t allow same-day voter registration, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said.

If Republicans are racist, then if anything, they should be opposed to voter ID laws in North Carolina. They’re causing more black voters to turn out to vote. Just who are the racists again?