Racist Abortion Group Head Calls Tea Party Racist

Ilyse Hogue is the new president of the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL).  Prior to this new appointment, Hogue was actively involved with MoveOne.org, which is a very liberal and progressive political action group, starting in 1998 when they came to the defense of Bill Clinton who was under impeachment by the House of Representatives.  They have raised millions of dollars to help elect liberal and progressive left-wing candidates.  They have also been politically active in the pro-choice abortion arena.

While she was with MoveOn.org, Hogue spoke at the Campaign for America’s Future conference in June 2010.  In her speech, she referred to the Tea Party as being racist:

“They’re dangerous. There are some very dangerous elements, and when they get racist and when they spit on our congressmen and when they do things that are just completely outside the bounds of what we believe our democracy to be about, we have to call them on it.”

Before Hogue starts referring to other groups as being racist, she should take a look at the organizations she is part of.  I know they won’t admit it, but every organization that supports abortion on demand is racist.  Why do I say that?

To start with, one abortion doctor in North Carolina stated that he performs abortions because he doesn’t want his taxes going to support murders like James Holmes in Aurora, Colorado or ‘ugly black babies.’  How many other abortion doctors are killing black and even Hispanic babies for racial reasons?

The main reason I say that abortion advocates are racists is because more black babies are being murdered in the womb than white babies.  In one set of figures, blacks made up only 12.3% of the population but accounted for 36% of abortions.  Whites make up 69% of the population and accounted for 35% of abortions.  When you break that down to abortions per thousand women, whites account for only 14% of abortions while blacks account for 48%.  Thus the abortion rate for blacks is over 3 times higher than it is for whites.

Many abortion clinics purposely target blacks more than any other ethnic group, especially in many inner city areas, because they know that there is a greater sexual permissiveness in these areas and thus a greater need to end unwanted pregnancies.

Therefore, anyone or any organization that continues to support pro-choice abortion on demand, is supporting racist actions against America’s black communities and women.  They are being targeted far more than any other ethnic group.

What’s even more ironic is that President Barack Obama sent a video message to the NARAL Pro-Choice America dinner Tuesday night welcoming Hogue to her new position with the organization.  The first half-black president who accuses everyone else of being racist is supportive of organizations that propagate racist practices in the abortion industry.  So who is the real pot calling the kettle black?  Hogue and Obama.