Public School Violates Young Girl’s Religious Rights

On December 19, a school teacher in Temecula, California told her first grade student, Brynn Williams, that she could not present her family’s Christmas tradition of a star of Bethlehem at her school…When Brynn stood up to give her presentation, she began reciting a Bible verse just before the teacher interrupted and told her to ‘go take your seat.’ She was the only student not allowed to finish her presentation.” – Truth Revolt

The separation of church and state. This phrase has grown into a monster. The concept of church and state separation is not found anywhere in our constitution. Yes, the founders wanted freedom to practice religion without interference from the state. There is, however, a freedom of religion in the United States. The first amendment states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

There are two interpretations of the religion clauses of the first amendment. The first is called the “separation” interpretation. This means one believes the clauses to mean that the government cannot establish a state religion. There can be no official American religion. The other understanding is called the “accommodation” interpretation. This means that the government cannot officially show preference to one religion over another.

Both interpretations of the first amendment’s religious clauses essentially protect religion. The line of thought points in the direction of protecting faith and freedom of faith. It does not, however, protect Americans from faith, nor does it protect the government from displays of faith. By that, I mean that the first amendment is a document which moves in a singular direction, working to safeguard religious faith, rather than protecting the faithless, or the government from displays or acts of faith.

This is not the understanding of the Left. They believe that the first amendment means that nothing Christian can be displayed on government property, and that nothing Christian can be even spoken of…ever. This has caused many liberals anxiety whenever religion is brought up publicly. They actually believe that it is their right to banish religion from the public dialogue.

This young girl, Brynn Williams, is a victim of the liberal hatred of religion. She is a victim of a staggering misinterpretation of the first amendment. If we continue to allow the gross misinterpretation of our constitution and other national documents, this will not be the last case of religious oppression. This is only the beginning.

If you think that the Left cannot twist our country any further, you are not only incorrect, but dangerously ignorant. This story, and others like it, must be told. It must be widely known what is happening in our public schools. We must cut this at the root.