Psychiatrist Says we Should Look at Planned Parenthood Shooting in the Context of the “War on Women”

Why should we look at this incident where a man shot and killed three people in the context of the “war on women?” Simply because the shooter according to a witness allegedly said something about “no more baby parts?” Even if he had said something about baby parts, how would that have anything to do with hating women? He doesn’t want unborn babies butchered and sold for parts. If that is what he believed, then that wasn’t problem. Millions of people, including myself, believe the same thing. His issue is that he thought killing a couple civilians and a police officer, and holding others hostage was somehow a solution to these problems. He did the very thing that he [allegedly] claimed to despise. He committed murder. Now, he’s probably going to go away to jail for a long time at taxpayers’ expense, when he should simply be put to death.

Instead of treating this as a triple homicide, liberals want to think about it and talk about in the context of the GOP’s nonexistent “war on women.” Breitbart reported:

Vanderbilt University psychiatrist, sociologist and director of the Center for Medicine, Health and Society Dr. Jonathan Metzl, who specializes in gun violence, reacted Saturday on MSNBC to the shooting Friday in Colorado Springs.

According to Metzl, the shooting at the Planned Parenthood clinic should be seen in the context “that is an issue of the war on women and women’s rights.”

“The news again got dominated by an increasing familiar form of white terrorism in which people are literally terrorized beyond the realm of this. I know what’s going to happen now, which is that we’re going to have a story about the mental health of the person. It’s going to locate it on a particular issue. I have to say, even though I know there are many complicated issues with this person’s biography that are important to find out, that we really do need to see this as a bigger contextual problem that is an issue of the war on women and women’s rights.”

About half of the babies who are murdered through abortion are girls. Why don’t these liberals care about them?

I get that finding out about a pregnancy can be a life-changing event, something that wasn’t planned, even something that the parents or the mother isn’t ready for. I totally get that. But once it happens, that life that was created isn’t anyone’s to take.