Prove Your Case, or Shut Up: A Letter to Darren Wilson Haters

Darren Wilson has not been proven guilty.

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” – John Adams

We enjoy anger because it feels good. Anger gives us the high-ground, a position from which we can pass judgement, and feel righteous. And who doesn’t want to be right? It means that we have chosen the correct path, and that we know something that somebody else does not. It makes us special. Given that, it’s no surprise that anger dominates our society.

Following the shooting death of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, MO. last August, the country lit up with accusations of racism. From the moment the incident occurred, it was settled: Darren Wilson is a racist, and he killed Michael Brown because of the color of Brown’s skin. Protests, and riots ensued. However, after a grand jury saw the evidence, Wilson was exonerated. Protests, and riots continued.

Now, the results of a separate investigation conducted by Eric Holder’s Justice Department has concluded that Wilson did not violate Brown’s civil rights. According to The New York Times:

Federal investigators interviewed more than 200 people and analyzed cellphone audio and video, the law enforcement officials said. Officer Wilson’s gun, clothing and other evidence were analyzed at the F.B.I.’s laboratory in Quantico, Va. Though the local authorities and Mr. Brown’s family conducted autopsies, Mr. Holder ordered a separate autopsy, which was conducted by pathologists from the Armed Forces Medical Examiner’s office at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, the officials said…The federal investigation did not uncover any facts that differed significantly from the evidence made public by the authorities in Missouri late last year, the law enforcement officials said. To bring federal civil rights charges, the Justice Department would have needed to prove that Officer Wilson had intended to violate Mr. Brown’s rights when he opened fire, and that he had done so willfully — meaning he knew that it was wrong to fire but did so anyway.”

But even an investigation by the federal government is not enough to quell the anger of those who feel that Brown was the victim of racism. The news that Wilson will not face civil rights charges did not go down smoothly for those individuals.

Now that multiple investigations have taken place, in which hundreds of witnesses were interviewed, and several autopsies performed, the burden of proof has come to rest on the enraged masses. The following is directed to any who are outraged by this ruling:

One should not be outraged without reason. So, present your case.

If you are so upset by the alleged injustice of these rulings–one of which was presided over by Eric Holder—what evidence do you have to prove your case? What evidence can you give me that will lead me to believe Darren Wilson is a racist? Take me step by step through your case. Lead me carefully through the process that brought you to the conclusion that Michael Brown was murdered in cold blood by Darren Wilson.

Did you interview hundreds of witnesses? Did you pour over forensic evidence? Did you carefully review video footage, and examine audio recordings? You didn’t? Oh, but you probably wrote a paper in college once about the structural corruption of the justice system, so you’re like an expert, right? It’s probably all connected to the patriarchy. You really nailed that English 102, didn’t you?

You’re angry because it feels good. It feels good to be the victim, and it feels good to be the defender of a victim. No amount of evidence can change your mind because you just have a gut feeling that Darren Wilson is a racist. That’s it, isn’t it? You perceive a corrupt system, so nothing that comes out of that system can be right, regardless of the facts. Well, thank goodness your gut isn’t on a grand jury.

Prove that these multiple investigations were wrong, or shut up. As it is, you’re just wasting air.