Prosecutor: Zimmerman “Profiled” Trayvon Martin

By this time, everybody knows the whole Zimmerman/Martin trial is just a media show, where talking heads get to talk about how Zimmerman is a white racist (even though he’s just as white as Obama, the first “black” president) who didn’t like black people. They always portray Martin as a small, innocent child, and they make sure to use the worst possible picture of Zimmerman to make him look like a thug.

The prosecutor recently accused Zimmerman of “profiling,” something that Martin’s side has never done to the defense:

“This defendant decided that the victim was up to no good. In the defendant’s mind, this was a criminal, and he was tired of criminals out there. That’s not a bad thing…but he went over the line. This defendant was sick and tired of it, and so he decided he was going to be what he wanted to be: a police officer. He assumed Trayvon Martin was a criminal. That’s why we’re here. What started this? Assumptions. Incorrect assumptions on the part of one individual….This innocent 17-year-old kid was profiled as a criminal. To quote the defendant, and pardon my language, he was one of those a–holes who get away. He was one of those f—ing punks.”

It’s funny that the prosecutor brought up a police officer. Any honest police officer will tell you that they absolutely profile. They know which type of people are more likely to be criminals based on how they dress, how they carry themselves, what they look like, what kind of car they drive. I’m not saying that’s OK or not, just that that’s how they do business.

If they see a clean, soccer mom-type van with a white, attractive female driver, they’ll likely leave that person alone. But if they see an old, dirty and beat up car with a “questionable” driver, all of a sudden, they’ll say that person is “failing to maintain lanes.” Anything to get that driver to pull over, because an encounter with that person is more likely to result in an arrest or at least a ticket.

So, if George Zimmerman had been Officer Zimmerman or Sergeant Zimmerman, there probably would have been no national story. Like the Kermit Gosnell case, it would have remained a “local” story. A police officer shooting and killing someone is not news. And he would have gotten off anyway, because “his life was threatened.”

Likewise, if Zimmerman had been a black man, there really would have been no story. I mean, these types of deaths go on everyday in Chicago, and all the local media cares to do is give numbers. There’s no nonstop coverage of each and every shooting and killing in Chicago or Detroit. But as soon as the defendant has any white in him at all, and the one killed is black, then it becomes a “hate” crime, and the victim turns out to be the President’s long lost illegitimate son.

It sounds like the media and the prosecutor are the ones “profiling” Zimmerman. They’ve profiled this entire case. Out of the thousands of deaths that occur every year, this is the one they chose that they thought would push their agenda the best.