Propaganda: Forensic Drama Portrays Tea Party as Violent “Ultra Right-Wing Extremist” Group

When we talk about media propaganda, it’s not something that’s only evident in the “news” section of the media. TV shows are saturated with it, and it’s more and more visible as producers and writers decide that subtlety just isn’t necessary anymore.

I admit, I’ve watched more than my fair share of CSI. My favorite was the original set in Las Vegas. But ever since Grissom left, the show went completely downhill for me. I think I watched one of the newer episodes probably a year or so ago. I saw how much it had changed with all the not-so-subtle political garbage they threw in the script, and I was disgusted.

Most of these cop dramas portray police as the paragon of public sacrificial servanthood; and civilians as a bunch of lawless idiots who only rely on their Constitutional “rights” as crutches when they’re guilty of a crime. The message they’re conveying here is that if you choose to invoke your 5th Amendment right to remain silent, that must mean that you’re hiding something, and you’re probably a criminal. I mean, if you’ve done nothing wrong, you should have nothing to hide, right? Only a criminal would invoke his 5th Amendment rights. The naïve viewer might be left with a feeling of “wouldn’t it be so much better if we could just get rid of these criminal crutches like the 4th and 5th Amendment?”

The cops and forensic teams strut around with their handguns on their hips, and that’s perfectly normal. But as soon as they find a civilian with a concealed gun, all the main characters freak out. “Whoa, whoa…what’s this? You have a permit for this? What d’ya need a gun for anyway? We’re gonna have to take you in for questioning. [radios in:  yeah, we got him]…Frank, book him.”

So, it’s not surprising to find that NCIS:  LA infused some of this same type of propaganda in their show. Writing for Breitbart, Steve Rosenblum recapped the episode:

Tuesday’s episode, entitled Recovery, had the team investigating the apparent drowning of a Navy Lt. Commander at high priced California rehab center.

The investigation revealed that the naval IT specialist had actually been drugged with scopolamine and Vicodin, pumped for intelligence on U.S. Predator drones and dumped in the pool. This led Special Agents Callen, Hanna, Deeks and Blye to a fictitious “ultra right-wing” extremist group that planned to hijack or “spoof” a Predator drone and bomb a Pakistani village.

The fictional [and “extremist”] Homeland Defense League’s manifesto said that “nation building” is not only wrong, but that the whole of Pakistan should be wiped off the map. It also said that all Pakistanis—including civilians—were legitimate targets. This is the same reasoning that al-Qaeda uses to justify killing innocent civilians with its attacks.

When the agents find the HQ of the extremist group, Robert Hayes, in addition to his plans, maps and other operational details they also find a Gadsden flag. This not so subtle reference to the Tea Party was front and center.

It would be funny if it weren’t so disgusting. They’re basically describing official American foreign policy and desperately trying to tie it to the “extremist” tea party. Obama’s been bombing Northwest Pakistan since he took office. The predator drone strikes kill mostly innocent civilians, including men, women and children. Maybe they’ll hit their target “terrorist,” maybe they won’t. And this stupid TV show is trying to alert viewers about these “radical” tea partiers who want to kill innocent civilians and “wipe Pakistan off the map.” Why would such a group even exist when the current administration is accomplishing that goal already at taxpayer expense?