Professional Golfer Barack Obama Criticized For Governing Too Much

BREAKING: Spokesman/caddy James Redder held a brief press conference this morning to discuss increasingly vicious criticism being leveled against professional golfer, Barack Obama. When asked by NJR news’ Marianne Fellows about Obama’s seeming lack of focus, and commitment in recent months, Redder has this to say:

Professional golf is a very stressful and difficult sport. More difficult than anyone can imagine. It may seem like Mr. Obama has forgotten where his priorities lie, but the fact is that being president helps clear the mind. Every now and then, Mr. Obama has to step away from golf to clear his head with a speech, or a fundraiser. There’s nothing wrong with that. And really, this is simply an unnecessary and divisive attack by Republicans.

The statement by Redder has not satisfied many of Obama’s critics, who say that he is spending far too much time governing, and not enough time golfing. Republican golfer Miles Johnson released a counter statement shortly after the press conference:

While Redder claims that governing clears the mind, one wonders just how much head clearing Obama needs before he decides to return to his duty on the green. Every time Mr. Obama effectively governs, he is neglecting his true constituents.”

Mr. Obama faced some especially harsh criticism after he went straight from golfing to attend the funeral of a fallen soldier. Many critics slammed the golfer for the tasteless gesture.

Even some of Obama’s most ardent supporters in the mainstream media are beginning to resent his time governing. The normally very liberal Daily Times ran a cover story, with the headline: “Obama Governs While the Green Burns.” In the story, journalist Randy Vetter lists every crisis currently happening on the green, such as the great golf ball shortage, and the nine iron situation. According to Vetter:

While I have great respect for Mr. Obama, I cannot continue to overlook his seeming obsession with governing, working with congress, and promptly, and effectively dealing with international incidents. He is a golfer first, and a president second.”

Obama’s opposition, however, is relishing his absenteeism on the course, because it will only help them win the next tournament. Seeing the opportunity being taken by Obama’s opposition, many of Obama’s colleagues on the green are beginning to distance themselves from the pro-golfer, criticizing his swing, and likening his playing style to that of Maurice Flitcroft, in the hope that by putting some space between them, and Mr. Obama, they will not be associated with his increasing lack of focus on the green.

Only time will tell whether or not their efforts will be rewarded. In the mean time, Obama spokesman/caddy James Redder left the press conference with this statement:

“Mr. Obama is just as focused as ever, and no amount of Republican conspiracy making will change that.”