Product of Rape Takes Exception With Pro-lifers’ Rape Exception

A product of rape is a person! Don’t forget!

Many pro-lifers say they’re pro-life except in certain cases like rape and incest. Then, all of a sudden it’s okay to murder the unborn child, who actually had nothing to do with its own conception, no matter how horrific the circumstances were surrounding its conception.

The child himself or herself is not to blame for the mother being raped. You don’t punish the child in the case of a rape. You punish the rapist.

Yet, what our society does is punish the unborn child for existing, and then we subsidize the rapist’s room, board, and healthcare. And if he wants a sex change while he’s in prison, he can get that done too at taxpayer expense. Taxpayers, like the woman who was raped. How’s that for irony?

Rebecca Kiessling is a family law attorney and pro-life speaker who is the product of a rape. If abortion had been more accessible back before she was born in the ‘60’s, her mother would have aborted her. Her mother even tried on two separate occasions, but it was too risky, legally and medically.

It’s no surprise that Kiessling is an outspoken pro-lifer who makes no exception for rape. CNS News reported:

“It’s very frustrating to just be summarily dismissed like this. [This] is my life that you’re talking about,” she said.

Speaking at a Capitol Hill Ambassador’s Luncheon in Washington on Thursday, Kiessling complained that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed “by using the rape exception,” which led to wider taxpayer funding of abortions, as a recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) report revealed.

Kiessling was conceived when her mother was raped at knifepoint by a serial rapist in Michigan during the late 1960s.


“I was almost aborted, but I was legally protected, and she made it quite clear to me for the first six years that I knew her that it was her body, her choice, and that [aborting me] should have been her right, and that ‘you don’t know what it was like’ – which is true,” Kiessling said. ”But now today she and I are both thankful that we were both spared the horror of abortion.”

Kiessling emphasized that “it was pro-life advocates, activists, [and] legislators who, without knowing of my exact existence yet, recognized that mine was a life worth saving. I really owe my life to the law being there to protect me,” she said.


Kiessling also called out those who stigmatize children conceived through rape, including Baptist Bishop Paul Morton, who called them  “demon seed” at the 2013 Pastors and Ministry Workers Conference in Nashville when he was explaining why a woman should not have to carry a child conceived through rape to term.

“Really, so I’m Satan’s child?” Kiessling asked.

She also criticized conservative talk show host Sean Hannity for explaining his difficulty with forcing a rape victim to carry the baby to term in an April interview with pro-life advocate Lila Rose, saying, “It’s almost like an evil seed.”

Kiessling called the comment “really hurtful.”

There are many Rebecca Kiesslings in this world these days who never see the light of day, because our society has told them that they’re not worth saving. In fact, they’re worth killing. Liberals certainly talk the talk when it comes to having compassion on innocent and defenseless victims, but all they’re doing is selling a form of pseudo-instant gratification with lifelong consequences.