Pro-Life Activist Assaulted by “Tolerant” Pro-Abortion Bystander

Part of the Genocide Awareness Project’s (GAP) demonstrations included images of aborted babies. This pro-life group would demonstrate on college campuses and interact with students.

At a demonstration a few years ago on Ohio State University, GAP was met with counter-protesters who wanted GAP to be prohibited from demonstrating on campus. The co-president of one of the pro-abortion activist groups counter-protesting GAP stated the following:

“We … find the tactics used by GAP to be aggressive, unsettling, and intimidating. We feel that hostile images, language, and strategies used by GAP are inappropriate for an educated and sensible university…

“We believe that GAP’s comparison between abortion and genocide is dangerous and misleading, and that this comparison leads to an unsafe and antagonistic environment…

“We consider the display to incite hatred and persecution of women who have abortions and medical professionals who provide them.

“We also feel that GAP demeans the memory of genocide victims by reducing their struggle to something that can be compared to a simple and common medical procedure. We petition the Ohio State University to refuse to allow GAP to intimidate the university community with such dangerous propaganda.”

That was a few years ago. Very recently, a GAP-related pro-life group called Created Equal was demonstrating in downtown Columbus, Ohio. They had images set up of aborted babies. They were met with a very tolerant and non-intimidating passerby wearing a Burger King shirt.

Warning:  Strong Language

Maybe she should lay off the Burger King. (Was that rude?)

Liberals would of course consider her actions, her demeanor, her language and her threats mere expressions of her opinion. She has 1st Amendment rights after all.

And they’d consider Created Equal’s behavior to be “aggressive, unsettling, and intimidating”; and their demonstration to be “dangerous propaganda” that creates an “unsafe and antagonistic environment.” Obviously, it did create an unsafe environment judging by the woman’s temper tantrum. Her bad attitude wasn’t her own fault. It was the pro-lifers’ fault.