Pro-Gun Sheriff Beats Bloomberg-Backed Opponent

$150,000 is pocket change to a liberal one-percenter like Bloomberg, but it’s quite a bit of money just to oust a pro-gun sheriff. As the sheriff primary there in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin proved, it wasn’t nearly enough. Jason Howerton with The Blaze wrote:

Despite former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg spending six figures to defeat him in a recent Democratic primary, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, Jr. soared to victory as a pro-gun incumbent candidate. Now, he has a message for Bloomberg.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends” Thursday, Clarke said Bloomberg’s plan to “spread a few hundred thousand dollars” in his “anti-gun crusade” to beat him failed miserably. Bloomberg’s super PAC, Independence USA, spent about $150,000 to air ads attacking Clarke’s pro-Second Amendment views.

“Mayor Bloomberg made a huge miscalculation. He didn’t understand the political climate on the ground here in Milwaukee County. I have a lot of support for my position on support for the Second Amendment, for people to be able to defend themselves and the pro-gun movement.”

Clarke became a national figure after he advised citizens to arm themselves for self-protection. He also spoke at the 2014 NRA convention.

These aren’t just a bunch of Southerners who “cling to their guns and religion.” They’re Northerners, and they happen to have common sense views on guns.

You know a sheriff is serious about his job when instead of trying to get all the guns off the streets, he advises residents to arm themselves. People need to be able to arm themselves and to use guns as a means of self-defense, since the police cannot be everywhere at once, and they shouldn’t be expected to be. The way to fight crime is not with an intimidating militaristic police force coupled with stringent gun control laws, but with a responsible citizenry defending itself with guns.