Pro-Abortion Cult Indoctrinates Their Next Generation

I could do nothing to fight the rage that overcame me when I saw a picture of a little boy holding a sign reading: “Stay out of my mommy’s vagina.” How could any mother or father use their first or second grader to advocate blindly for the killing of unborn children? This is just one startling reality captured by photographers during protests held in Austin, Texas earlier this week.

Another photograph showed a little girl—of similar age—straining to hold up another obscene abortion rights sign. On its face was a hand drawn image of a wire coat hanger. Standing beside her is a three or four year old little girl. Both surrounded by an angry looking mob of women. Not one of them, not one female –adults protesting the State of Texas legislations attempts to pass law limiting late term abortions to 20 weeks—seems to care about the left-wing culture of deaths influence on the next generation of American fathers and mothers.

Although feminist groups are disputing its authenticity, one more picture has surfaced that shows an utterly disgusting lack of parenting. What kind of women would ask an elementary school age girl to hold a sign that read: “If I wanted the government in my womb, I would F*#! (Actually it was spelled out) a Senator. In all fairness, abortion advocates have taken issue with this picture. They claim it was not from the recent Texas Pro-Abortion protests, but from an earlier rally in another state.

The United States has laws that prevent the advertising of certain legal, yet harmful, products to people under the age of 18. Our public education system has zero tolerance for the use of language that disparages minorities, homosexual lifestyles, promotes violence, killing and bullying of the weak. Many kids have been silenced and punished for wearing an inappropriate tee shirt or religious symbol to school. Prayer is now offense language. All designed to protect our children from negative influences that could damage their intellectual growth and moral code.

However, bringing your kids to a political rally and advocating for late term abortion freedoms, exposing them to the indecent and obscene chants of women and men, who believe killing a baby in its mother’s womb, is a rite of passage for today’s second graders. It is an acceptable family friendly outing. We can no longer mention God in school or publicly celebrate traditional family without being attacked by the morally bankrupt who fear exposure, but victimizing little kids for a political purpose draws little social condemnation. Moreover, it is applauded by the left.

Child psychologists ought to be having a field day, with what appears to be, on its face, destructive and, yes, abusive parenting. Where are the legions of Child Protective Services thought police investigating the unhealthy influences forced upon kids who still play with Barbie and G.I. JOE? The very same kids that have been brainwashed to report any incidence of perceived parental abuse or neglect to teachers, doctors and coaches, are now, somehow, less damaged when the violence and bullying is perpetrated by liberals.

The Texas State capitol abortion protests provide a terrifying glimpse of America’s future. The training and indoctrination of innocent minds to accept the death of the unborn as a simple medical procedure does not bode well for the souls of a generation that will eventually decide—for their mom and dad—which end of life (death) option best conforms to their self-centered lifestyle, career and budget.

The great State of Texas is attempting to join twelve other US states that have chosen to stand with the rights of the unborn in a fight for the re-birth of our national morality. I would caution the moms and dads exposing their young to desensitizing moral relativism on display in the Texas capitol. Be forewarned. The intoxicating Kool-Aid your feeding your kids is a lethal poison that one day will be fed to you.

God help America.