Pro-Abortion Activist Wendy Davis Is Empty

William Butler Yeats said: “All empty souls tend toward extreme opinions.”

Human beings are meant to be full. Our soul; our personhood is a direct result of what fills us. If we fill ourselves with hate, we will act with violence. If we fill ourselves with arrogance, we will treat others disdainfully. If we fill ourselves with love, we will behave benevolently. There are people that live their lives on empty, and those people hunger for meaning. They want to be full, but they don’t know how, so they move to extremes.

A recent Pew survey found that only 15% of Americans believe abortion to be a morally acceptable practice. That means that in one way or another, 85% of Americans feel that abortion is morally unacceptable. Or, in the least, 85% question the morality of the practice of abortion. Those numbers are incredible.

Even I—when reading the Pew survey—was shocked by the percentages. We live in a culture that so heavily promotes the “woman’s right” of abortion, you would have no idea that so few find the practice morally acceptable.

Recently, Texas proposed a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks, five months into a pregnancy. State Senator Wendy Davis filibustered the bill into oblivion. In a message supporting fellow Democrat Terry McAuliffe—a man who shares her views on late-term abortion–Davis said this:

I’m Wendy Davis. I took a stand earlier this summer and filibustered Rick Perry’s dangerous attempt to limit women’s access to health care in Texas. If you were one of the thousands who stood with me that night: thank you.”

First, it seems that so long as a man is pro-abortion, he is allowed to talk about abortion–sorry, choice. It’s only when a man is pro-life that men aren’t allowed to stick their noses into “womens’ issues.” I just needed to make that point before I moved on.

Now, let’s talk about extremes. Wendy Davis has obviously never bothered to look into the practice of abortion. If she had, she would have seen how barbaric and vile the procedure truly is. And if she has done her research into limb clamping and brain sucking, and is still in favor of late-term abortions, she must not be human.

Despite what the media tells us, abortion is not widely seen as a morally acceptable practice. In addition to those who stand ardently against it—knowing its horror—many Americans are simply uninformed about the true nature of the procedure.

Wendy Davis is an empty soul. She holds this extreme position because she is either ignorant or vile. Either way, she has decided not to fill herself up with anything, but reaches to extremes to fulfill her need to be whole. Davis’ position is truly extreme, and only reason and compassion can fill her emptiness, tempering her extremity.