Pro-Abort Logic: “I Used Birth Control; It’s Not My Fault I Got Pregnant”

I received the following message from an anonymous woman:

I am in a situation where I have 3 children and after a second failed IUD I am in a situation to where a fourth child will diminish my ability to provide the quality of life that I want for me and my children. It also is threatening my mental state. So do I do what my mind and body is telling me to, which is abort, or keep it because people like you tell me I’m a monster if I abort, put myself at a significantly greater risk of suicide and likely cause my current children to be motherless?

A second failed IUD? I didn’t understand what she meant by that. If someone tells you during your first time that artificial birth control was 100-percent effective, that’s on them. But for it to happen a second time, after you already saw that it didn’t work, that’s on you. I couldn’t fathom why this woman would complain about something that resulted purely from her own negligence.

The fourth one of her children, who is resting peacefully and safely in her belly—how does she think that child got in there? Did she wake up one morning pregnant all of a sudden?

The person also suggests she may become suicidal if she gives birth to that child. Well, who does she think would be killing her if she were to commit suicide? Would someone else be killing her, or would she be doing it to herself? I’ve always understood suicide to mean the intentional, willful killing of oneself, but the way this woman spoke of it, perhaps I’ve been wrong. It sounded like she was saying suicide is caused by a second party and not by the self. Because surely if suicide were the killing of oneself, then there’d be no reason for this woman to complain that she is going to commit suicide. So is suicide the act of Person A killing Person B then? Because in that case, then she can complain; that’s someone else’s actions. It only makes sense to complain about the possibility of committing suicide if you believe suicide is the same as homicide and that it’s not in fact your own choice and your own act.

She also refers to pregnancy as a threat to her mental state. That sounds pretty serious. If she gave birth to her children’s sibling, she’s saying she’d be much more likely to off herself and leave her kids motherless. But if she’s this unsure about her mental stability, wouldn’t the best thing for her kids be to let them stay with someone else for a while? She plainly demonstrates that she’s not stable, but having an abortion isn’t going to change that; certainly not for the better.

Pro-abortionists want abortions to keep happening, so much so that they’re willing to go through all sorts of illogical mental gymnastics, as we see above, in order to justify it.