Principal Tells Students to Suppress Desire to Win During Field Day

North Hill Elementary of Rochester Hills, MI, is having a literal field day in a couple weeks to celebrate the end of the school year.

I remember when my elementary school had Field Day at the end of each school year. It was always a day of fun and competition and sunburns. I won some of the games and I lost others. Other times it was my team that won or lost, but I played a part of those victory or defeats. I didn’t feel bad about myself when I lost, but it drove me to be better in the next game. (Though I admit feeling hopeless when I went head-to-head with a black kid at a basketball-related game.)

When I won other games (no, not the basketball one, obviously) it only boosted my confidence and, just as losing had done, made me want to win the next game or competition. I didn’t complain; competition was fun. Just because I lost did not mean all the fun had been removed.

The principle of North Hill Elementary wants to take the competition out of the games for his school’s Field Day, turning Field Day into something that is as pointless as staying home and playing single-player video games.

In a letter written by David Pontzious, the school’s principal, parents were informed:

The purpose of the day is for our school to get together for an enjoyable two hours of activities and provide an opportunity for students, teachers and parents to interact cooperatively. Since we believe that all of our students are winners, the need for athletic ability and the competitive “urge to win” will be kept to a minimum. The real reward will be the enjoyment and good feelings of participation.

“Good feelings.” Soul-sucking, isn’t it?

What is so bad about winning and losing? What is it that leftists fear? Everybody loses in life. Get used to it. Are liberals and Democrats afraid that if the citizens strive to better themselves, they will ultimately become more powerful than their government?

I wonder how Mr. Pontzious got to become the school’s principal. Was it because he had ambition? Or was it because he suppressed his desire to succeed and he was lucky enough to have someone came along and just give him the job, undeserved? Were Mr. Pontzious’s parents communist hippies who raised him to have a no-can-do spirit?

I don’t know what ruined this man, but he and other Marxists need to get out of the school system.