Priests Molesting Boys is a Homosexual Problem, Not a Catholic One

Ask a leftist what the biggest problem facing the Catholic church is and coming out at the top of his list, above Catholics’ anti-abortion and anti-same-sex-“marriage” stances, is the molestation of altar boys.

Most moderates (soft leftists) would probably say the same thing, in fact.

But think about that for a minute. The Left views a priest raping a boy as being actually related to Catholicism!

This isn’t a Catholic problem at all, however; it’s a homosexual problem. Homosexuals enter the priesthood for its wide, free, constant access to young boys. Just as homosexuals become Boy Scout leaders for the access to young boys.

Whatever Catholic convictions these priests hold, whatever nature-loving convictions these Scout leaders hold, they hold are secondary to their homosexual convictions.

Really, how could someone logically believe that the actions of a male, who happens to be a priest, sexually abusing another male, who happens to be an altar boy, have any foundation in Catholicism?

I don’t like Catholicism, but I dislike illogical, blind connections more.

Don’t adult males molest male children beyond the world of Catholicism as well? Yes? Then it’s not a Catholic thing. The majority of homosexual rapists and molesters are not even Catholic leaders of any rank or in any position of Catholic authority at all.

There is nothing in the Catholic Catechism or in the Gospels that tells Catholics or Christians to “fondle ye the young.”

But leftists, including those in the media, report on Catholic pedophilia as “Catholic pedophilia” rather than homosexual pedophilia.

Yet isn’t it true that any priest (they are all males, remember) who molests a boy is, in fact, a homosexual? Isn’t it quite a leap to hear that a male molests another male and to assume it’s not related to sexual attraction, but, somehow, to religion?

What, are male priests who molest boys not homosexually attracted to those boys? “They are,” says the leftist, “but it’s because he’s Catholic, not because he’s gay.”

Oh, okay. That makes sense.

So if a still-closeted homosexual conservative were caught with a male prostitute, would the left assume it had to do with his conservatism, not with his homosexuality? In such a case, how would the man’s sexual relations with a male prostitute be related to his being a conservative and not to his sexuality?

Likewise, what does a priest’s Catholic belief have to do with his fondness for homosexually fondling boys?