Presidential Myth-Making: Why Obama’s Approval Never Really Falls

“That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of history.” – Aldous Huxley

When I was a political novice, I would always look to polls to tell me the state of the country. I thought that polls were some kind of real indicator of the way things were. As I’ve gotten older, I have learned that polls are just a snapshot of a moment, and they often have no real bearing on the real world. While polls can be indicative of our collective sentiments, their results are rarely reflected in real life.

According to a new Fox News poll, a stunning percentage of Americans believe that President Obama lies—not just sometimes, but frequently, and about major issues. The poll asks “How often do you think Barack Obama lies to the country on important matters?” 37% of respondents said “Most of the time,” while 24% said “Some of the time.” Only 15% of respondents said “Never.” On an unrelated note, those 15% are terrifyingly stupid people.

Though I wasn’t surprised about the fact that people think the President lies–because he’s been caught so many times–I am shocked that even in the face of all of his recognized lies, his approval rating is still abnormally high. Currently Obama’s approval stands at 42%.

This most recent poll got me thinking about the relationship between the media, and the public. I believe there are several reasons Obama’s approval continues to bounce back, even when a majority of Americans know he’s a liar: media cloud, biblical narrative, and futility.

We all know the media is just another arm of the Democratic Party. What often goes unnoticed, or simply doesn’t get much thought is the fact that the media has created an environment of futility. There are those who fight the media at every turn, but a large portion of people have just given up. They see the endless parade of Obama praise, and just figure that it’s pointless to push back anymore. When there are fewer people fighting the media narrative, fewer people will be brought to the truth. It sounds grand, and almost biblical, but the truth is, this fight is for the future of the nation. It’s not to be laughed off. Complacency is dangerous. And if we give up, the low-information voters, who could be brought around, will fall to the spell of the Obama media.

Additionally, the media makes Obama into a god-like figure. They heap praise upon him, and tell the world that they should do so as well. So, when Obama is caught in a lie, the media asks: “Well, who wouldn’t lie sometimes?” The media narrative has created a mythical man who, despite his god-like status, has been found to be flawed. The media then proceeds to obliterate any of Obama’s detractors. They make conservatives into devils. They have created an almost biblical story of good versus evil, and though the hero has been revealed to be flawed, his enemies are so much worse. The media then asks us: “Who would you rather have: a flawed demigod, or a devil?”

Between the biblical tale woven by the media, and the futility felt by many of us, Obama continues to enjoy an approval rating that refuses to fall below the upper 30’s, and generally bounces up into the mid 40’s. Americans know Obama lies with regularity, and they don’t seem to care, because they have been trained to think that he’s the best we can hope for. False!