Presidential Candidate John Kasich Says Republicans Focus ‘Too Much’ on Abortion

If it seems like I’ve been writing about abortion a lot recently, it’s because I have. With the release of the Planned Parenthood videos, the monstrous and depraved procedure has been on my mind more than usual. Today, protests against Planned Parenthood are scheduled across the United States, and I feel like it’s apropos to once again touch on the issue.

This is not an issue I take lightly as it relates directly to the core of who we are as a nation, who we are as a people, and who were are as a species. I don’t think it’s something about which we can talk too much, which is why it deeply angered me to hear Republican presidential candidate John Kasich say the following on CNN:

“I think (abortion) is an important issue, but I think there’s many other issues that are really critical. Early childhood. Infant mortality. The environment. Education. I think we focus too much on just one issue, and now that the issue of gay marriage is kind of off the table, we’re kind of down to one social issue.”

One of the more popular forms of late-term abortion is called “Dilation & Evacuation,” or D&E. This procedure involves dilating the cervix until the mother is able to pass large portions of human body. A doctor then enters the uterus with a pair of bierer forceps, which are serrated and quite strong. He uses these forceps to tear off the arms, legs, and head of the child from the torso, pulling them out one by one.

But we talk about it too much, right Kasich?

“Dilation and Extraction,” also known as “partial-birth abortion,” was federally banned in 2003 under President Bush. However, it was legal prior to that. This procedure involved birthing a fully developed infant backward and upside-down, leaving only the head inside the birth canal. The doctor would take scissors and make an incision in the back of the head. He would then use an aspiration device to remove the infant’s brain, collapsing the head.

But there are many other issues that are really critical, right Kasich?

A very common abortion procedure is called “Suction Curettage,” or “Vacuum Aspiration.” In this early procedure, a doctor inserts an instrument called a cannula, which is attached to a suction tube. He swirls the device around the uterus, suctioning out pieces of the infant until all parts are removed. The doctor may then use forceps to remove extra parts, such as the spine, if it was left behind.

But really, why are we focusing on this issue so much? I guess video footage in which a woman describes cutting open the face of a dead infant so as to remove an intact brain to sell to a biomedical company still isn’t enough.

John Kasich is the perfect example of a politician who either doesn’t care or is completely unaware of the heinous nature of abortion procedures. We talk about abortion so much because it is the primary evil of our time. This savage process is performed every single day in the United States; moreover, it’s legal. Ink to paper, America approved of this procedure.

As casually as Nazis spoke of murdering Jews, Americans talk about the termination of children. It’s enough to make one sick. So, sorry John, I’m unimpressed by a candidate who wants to redirect focus from wanton murder of infants to other “important issues.”