Our President is a Sociopath

Senator Barack Obama said: “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I, therefore, intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt.”

What decisive leadership Obama took back when he needed to look like he gave a crap about our country! What character Obama had in opposing a debt he had no intention of ever reducing once he ascended to god status! How lovely Obama’s conservative rhetoric was when he needed to appear like less of a megalomaniac, and more like a caring leader!

The entirety of the recent debt fight can be reduced to one moment in Obama’s career. I’m not a fan of needless complexity. I believe that life is just an accumulation of small moments which only need to be examined individually to be understood properly. Democrats love complexity, however. They live on it because it better disguises their lies and sleight of hand.

Democrats love to blather about how nuance is key and that nothing is black and white. That’s far from reality. Reality may be black, white, and gray, but all three colors are clearly separated. Everything can be traced back to a beginning. And the beginning—in this particular instance—is the above quote from our Liar in Chief. Obama once claimed that raising the debt ceiling was a sign of leadership failure, a sign of our debt problem. $7 trillion dollars, and a socialized healthcare system later, Obama was begging for an increase so that America would not become a dead beat society (which was not true, because we could have easily continued to pay our debt). What changed?

What changed were Obama’s priorities. Back then, he was a Senator with Presidential ambitions, now, he’s a President who wants to squeeze every ounce of power he can out of his position. This simple quote betrays Obama’s identity as an opportunist. But what does that mean? An opportunist has no qualms with throwing morality aside to get what he wants. That being said, an opportunist has sociopathic tendencies that cannot be ignored. Opportunists show a scary lack of empathy that—if witnessed in any normal person—would send chills down the spines of their friends and family. But since he’s the President, it doesn’t seem to matter. Through the rosy lens of the mainstream media, Obama seems compassionate and scrupulous.

But those of us who can read know better. We know that he lied about his opinion of the debt, and we know that he has lied about a good many things. We have a commander who is a sociopath, plain and simple. And one thing a sociopath does well is look out for himself. You better believe that any policy implemented by Barack Obama only serves to better his own lot, often at the expense of the American people.

Don’t believe anything he says. I know you readers don’t. But we must get the word out to those who have been scrubbed by the media, even now, in his fifth year. They have to see the true face that sits behind the mask of the urbane, dedicated, compassionate President Barack Obama. I’m afraid for our future if history is Obama’s friend.

To quote Barack Obama: America deserves better.