President Obama Would Make Adolph Blush

Thdis week, I received another email from Obama’s tax-free “social welfare” group, Organizing for Action. It may come as a surprise to some of you that President Obama has enlisted the help of a 17-year-old son of a recently murdered Jewish Immigrant from Israel to pitch America on gun control legislation. Imagine that, our Islamist appeaser in charge is turning to a exploiting a vulnerable Jewish boy to push for White House background checks, gun registries and gun regulation.

Sami Rahamim, a 17-year-old boy, is now involved in Obama’s Organizing for Action anti-gun campaign. Last September, at the family’s Minneapolis business, Reuven Rahamim, Sami’s father, was killed in a workplace shooting.  Sami Rahamim is now selling his story and soliciting both money donations to OFA and assistance in an Obama special interest campaign to harass Senators and Congressmen that fail to support the President’s gun regulation initiatives.

In addition to being a special guest at Obama’s recent gun summit, Sami Rahamim much like certain misguided parents from Newtown, has become an expert on the reasons for America’s alleged increases in gun violence. I applaud young Sami’s efforts to keep guns out of the hands of mad men like his father’s former employee turned murder, Andrew Engeldinger. However, Sami like all the traumatized victims Obama loves to parade out to vilify the NRA, is missing the boat. A mentally deranged man shot Sami’s dad and others.

At the risk of being insensitive, the national media and Obama’s OFA have misrepresented the facts surrounding the shooting at Accent Signage in Minnesota. A recently terminated employee shot Reuven Rahamim, owner of Accent Signage and five others. An employee with a life long history of mental health issues known to his family, community, and employer. However, it is the actions, which preceded the shooting that is of particular concern and seems to evade liberal anti-gun activists.

In 1999, Accent Signage hired a suspected paranoid schizophrenic named Andrew Engeldinger. At that time, Engeldinger was diagnosed with and being treated for Depression. In the beginning, Andy loved his job. By 2000, Engeldinger’s paranoid delusions became more prevalent and he began claiming that company officials were mistreating him. That year, Engeldinger filed a discrimination complaint with state human rights officials. His complaint received little to no official attention.

According to reports Andy did not just snap. Engeldinger was bullied regularly by owner Reuven Rahamim for his inability to meet Accent Signage company standards. According to reports, former company comptroller, Meaghan Norlander, claimed, “The standards at Accent were very high.” “Andy was quite an introverted, sensitive person. He really wanted to do a good job. He just didn’t seem to be able to please [Rahamim].” Norlander recalled Engeldinger and Rahamin shouting at each other in 2007, something she claimed was not unusual for Rahamim.

On September 27, 2012, the day he was fired, Andrew Engeldinger took a handgun into his termination meeting and selectively shot his boss, Reuven Rahamim and specific co-workers while choosing to spare others. Engeldinger then took his own life. Claiming Accent Signage knew Engeldinger was mentally unstable and special precautions should have been taken when firing him, wrongful death suits have been filed by victim’s families. One suit claims Engeldinger should have never been warned he was about to be fired and should have been prevented from leaving the building to retrieve a gun from his car. It has also been widely reported that Jake Beneke, one of Engeldinger’s victims feared for his life as he left for work the day he was murdered suggesting something was about to happen. So why weren’t precautions taken?

According to 17 year old Sami Rahamim’s Organizing for Action email, he cannot understand the US senate ignoring “the voices of 90% of this country” and “voting against background checks“. Sami’s e-mail goes on to blame, “special interests groups” and “the gun lobbies powerful money influence” for the defeat of background check legislation. Sami thought it should be “a slam dunk.” Perhaps this is an example of why the law prohibits naive 17 year olds from voting.

I would like to offer an observation to young Sami as he begins his premature career with a “special interest group” supported by Islamist Congressmen Keith Ellison of Minnesota and benefiting Israeli hating Barrack Hussein Obama’s vision for America.

Sami. Sorry to hear about your dad. Son it is not about the NRA. It is about the US Constitution. Second Amendment rights cannot be “infringed” and national background checks and gun registration is not only an infringement, but also a violation of privacy protections provided by the US Constitution. Sami, did anyone teach you about the US Constitution? This document establishes our rights and every elected official must swear to protect and defend it against enemies foreign or domestic

Untreated or poorly treated mental illness is out of control in America and the lack of national will to address this issue is what killed your father. One in five people suffer from a mental disorder. Spend your time trying to navigate that legislative maze. New gun control will lead to gun confiscation. Our elected officials disobey the public will every day. It is part of our system of government. Count on it.

Sami, you are working for the enemy in more ways then you understand. If you father were alive today he might counsel you on this, son. No one can get ninety percent of Americans to agree on anything. It is a lie. It is pure propaganda. You and the people who follow Barrack Obama are walking into a trap much in the same way your ancestors boarded empty train cars. If there is, an ancestry on this planet that should understand gun control it is yours Sami. Be very careful. Shalom.